Retrospace Mix Tape #25: Hot Rods

My favorite 'car song" is "Highway Star" by Deep Purple.  Nothing makes me want to put to the pedal to the metal on the ol' minivan more than that track.  This mix, however, is a bit more "old school", but there's still plenty here to love.

NOTE: This will probably be my last month with Rapidshare. They are expensive and a pain in the ass. So, all previous Rapidshare links will go dead; in other words, download Retrospace now while you still can.  (Also note that if you've had trouble downloading things the past few weeks, it should work now and for the next thirty days)



  1. Ronny And The Daytonas - G.T.O
  2. Mose Allison - V-8 Ford Blues
  3. Green Hornet - Stolen Car
  4. Phranc - 64 Ford
  5. Grand Prix - 41 Ford
  6. Paul Revere And The Raiders - SS 396
  7. Denny Freeman - Lead Sled
  8. Rip-Chords - Hey Little Cobra
  9. Jan And Dean - Dead Mans Curve
  10. Thee Midniters - Whittier Blvd
  11. George Thorogood And The Destroyers - Ride On Josephine
  12.  Johnny Fortune - Dragster
  13. Duane Eddy And The Rebels - Forty Miles Of Bad Road
  14. Adam Ross - Gas Money
  15. Routers - Sting Ray
  16. Gary Usher And The The Customs - 54 Corvette
  17. Playmates - Beep Beep
  18. Quads - 409
  19. Dick Dale - Wild, Wild Mustang
  20. Arlen Sanders And The Pacifics - Hopped Up Mustang
  21. Shutdowns - Four In The Floor
  22. Honey Boy Allen - Ford V-8
  23. Buddy Randell And The Knickerbockers - Bite Bite Barracuda
  24. Carol And Cheryl - Go Go G.T.O.


  1. I'm a car guy so I really wanted to listen to this, but I think Rapidshare is mad at you. I get a message that I'm denied access.

  2. Now I get a message that there is planned downtime on the 23rd from 10:00 CET.

  3. The chick in the photo is Jungle Pam. Man, she was hot. You should do a post on her. Lots of photos of her in cyberspace.

  4. Second the nomination about Jungle Pam. She was a couple of reasons drag racing was so cool in the 70's!

  5. Man it stinks that Rapidshare isn't working... that looks like an incredible track list!

  6. I wonder if she was the inspiration for Brick House.

  7. Third day in a row, not able to download. I really, really want to hear this one!!!!!!!!!

  8. A pity this comp has been blocked by 'vapidshare'. Maybe you can re-post
    when you sort out a new provider?

  9. I really am not sure what to do here. I worked hard putting this mix together. When I click it, it works. Damn.

    1. I've tried it from home and work, and both are denied by uploader. Can you email it to me?

    2. I've tried it from my desktop and laptop and neither works ;_;

  10. Can this mix be re-done so we can download it? This is a great compilation and I'd really like to get it, but there is something wrong.