Retrospace Radio #38




It's all 1980s this time, folks.


Silver Spoons theme
Pass the Dutchie - Musical Youth
Let's Go - Eurythmics
Perfect Strangers theme
Stories of Old - Depeche Mode
19 - Paul Hardcastle
Benson theme
White Lines - Grandmaster Flash
Let's Go All the Way - Sly Fox
Sledge Hammer theme
1999 - Mike Flowers Pops abridged
  • Lessons in Love - Level 42
  • Dance Hall Days - Wang Chung
  • This is not a Love song - PIL
  • Everthings Gone Green - New Order
  • Pump Up the Volume - MARRS
  • Little Girls - Oingo Boingo
  • Ghost Town - The Specials
TJ Hooker theme

I apologize up front for the Eurythmics song.  Truly one of the most mediocre songs ever recorded.  Why I felt the need to include it remains a mystery.


  1. Lots of great tracks on here, especially the Specials, PIL, Oingo and New Order.

  2. You should also apologize for the Depeche Mode and New Order (what is this, SiriusXM?), along with the PIL.

    1. Sorry, I was in an eighties kind of mood. Approximately every six to eight years, Depeche Mode actually sound good. New Order twice per lifetime. Maybe when your cycle comes around, this podcast will work for you.

      However, you can't knock Musical Youth, Grandmaster Flash, TJ Hooker or N-n-n-n-n-nineteen. Classics.

      That being said, I'm ready for some Pablo Cruise and Foghat.

  3. Yikes! A reminder of how truly awful the 80s really were. I still shudder at how it went from the glorious 70s to stuff like this, almost in the blink of an eye.

  4. Finally, someone who has some honest constructive for the Eurythmics!Sure, they had some really good moments,in my oppinion ,but they were'nt immortal.That Specials tune was quite a find.I can remember many a wretched kegger ending with a song like that!

  5. You cheated! Mike Flowers Pop orchestra didn't form until 1993.

  6. Fisk Ellington Rutledge IIIJanuary 07, 2013

    I remember that Musical Youth Pass the Dutchie thing very, very well. The local college radio WREK played that song until the grooves wore out so I got it firmly stuck in my head. What was worse was that I couldn't really understand a lot of the lyrics. My head would substitute lyrics for the ones I didn't get. In my head the song went, "Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side; Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side; A Rubber Duck... ...A Rubber Duck!"

    I learned 30 years later that a "Dutchie" is a cooking pot. At the time I assumed it was obscure slang for a fat tator; as in, "Let's burn a tator y'all."