Vintage Style #36

This fashion spread from a 1971 Mayfair magazine was just too good not to share.  The concept is simple enough: macho male astride naughty nymph.  It's the fashions and the "70s feel" that make this one a solid winner.

Each photograph features a girl in a ridiculously revealing dress cavorting around the very image of seventies manliness.  I've added my own ad copy to each just for the fun of it.  Add your own as well - you'll be surprised how fun it is to write in the Spirit of '71..

With his feathery 'stache and regal swag, this 'Pro from Dover' is a real Lt. Bruce Price.  He's dressed and fitted for a mission down the Rubyfruit Jungle - and don't expect him back before sunrise because this suit screams "all nighter".

Faster than rats up a rhododendron, the chicks will flock to this frock. For three sawbucks, this jasper outerwear is a steal - but be mindful of the perfumed stampede that's sure to follow.

With a pocketful of disco biscuits, this youngblood is ready for merrymaking. Peanut butter suit and turtleneck sweater equals fun on main street. Ya dig?

What's he hiding under those robes? - inquiring birds want to know.  A mighty narwhal or groovy sweetback perhaps, but no Sicilian toothpick for certain.  These garments were made for the Love Generation.


  1. Weird! - I do not understand, what this funky cloths stands for? Sex appeal? Strength? Machismo? A cosmic-touch? (the beard is really bad!) ...

    I love your great site & wish you all the best for 2013! "Retrospace" is unique & very good - thank you so much for all the great pictures! You have opened my view ...

  2. Should read "peanut butter suit and jelly turtleneck sweater."

    Great stuff!

  3. onebadappleJanuary 09, 2013

    All I saw was:Pubic bone,Pubic bone ,Pubic bone...Was there a guy in the picture?

  4. I agree with anon, that's a grape jelly sweater.

    It's so nice to see a woman's fit body without it being scarred and ruined by tattoos and belly button piercings.

  5. There's the female Star Trek uniform I hoped to see when I was 12.

    1. nailed it! a few came close but not quite as awesome as that one.

  6. OK, I'll try to do one for the last photo...

    "When you know what you want and know what to do to get it, then you know you set the trend in this beige jerkin...." sorry, I can't do it. I just can't. Not with that outfit.

  7. Every caption should be:

    Man: "The fabric is so damed itchy I need to strip off as soon as possible!"

    Woman: "Pancakes?"