Cinema #25: Euro-Sleaze Repackaged

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The poor saps that payed money to see a sexed up version of Welcome Back, Kotter were in for a bit of a disappointment.  Instead, they got the Italian film La professoressa di scienze naturali (1976) dubbed in English.  Sure, there's nudity aplenty - but then, in the seventies what movies didn't have nudity?

This happened a lot back then.  Grindhouse theaters, drive ins, and late night shows often played Euro-sleaze with American packaging.  Not that it really mattered - their audiences weren't looking for Academy Award nominees.... and more often than not, European directors could provide a level of taboo crossing debauchery that exceeded their American counterparts.

Originally: Schulmädchen-Report 6. Teil - Was Eltern gern vertuschen möchten. The Schulmädchen (schoolgirl) Report movies were a popular German series that still has a following today.

Originally Junge Mädchen mögen's heiß, Hausfrauen noch heißer (1973)

The German title translates to "Young Girls Like It Hot".  Features the well-known German sex symbol, Ingrid Steeger, who was in a million sexual romps during the seventies.   This was the sort of movie that would float into Times Square and various late night drive-ins, then disappear off the face of the earth.

Not to be confused with (which came out the same year in the States)

I see nothing wrong with repackaging a foreign flick for American tastes... but at least be honest about it.  Smartie Pants (1975) was actually another Schulmädchen-Report film, volume ten to be exact:  Irgendwann fängt jede an

So, what's so dishonest?  There is no Gayle Sommer or Melissa Greene.  Those are fake names because they didn't want to put actual names like Reiner Brönneke and Ingeborg Moosholzer on the poster.

Originally Schulmädchen-Report 4 - Was Eltern oft verzweifeln lässt (1972) -translates to 'what drives parents to despair'

Originally Der zweite Frühling (1975)

Stars Curd Jürgens, a very popular German actor, in the States notable as the villain in The Spy Who Loved Me.  Also of note: his daughter, Deana, was the result of his wife's affair with Frank Sinatra.

Originally Brudar med sting (1976) Sweden

Notice all the German names? You'd think this 1977 film was another Aryan production, yet this was an American made picture (filmed on location in Germany).  Stars junior high school teacher turned porn star, Roger Cain.

Originally Schulmädchen-Report 5:  Was Eltern wirklich wissen sollten (1973)

Originally L'amour à la chaîne (1965) France

Originally Sex-skolan (1969) Sweden

Das Mädchen mit der heißen Masche (1972)


  1. I'd pay good money to see any movie starring Ingeborg Moosholzer. She never got her just dues as far as billing goes. What a shame.....

  2. Scenes from Fly Girls are up on YouTube.

  3. ...credit to the original poster (pun)...

    1. Aarrrgg
      I just got that.
      I need a second cup of coffee.

  4. As a teenager in the 70's (and some of these were still showing into the early 80's)-I saw at least a couple of dozen of these Euro-sex movies.They always seemed vastly superior to the USA produced racy teeny movies.They were always part of a double feature,or sometimes 5 feature dusk to dawn shows.
    I remember seeing most of these...and also-Naughty Nymphs,House of 1000 Pleasures, Swingin Stewardesses,2069:A Sex Odyssey,Schoolgirls Growing Up...and a bunch more.
    However,I think Sensuous Fly Girls was USA made XXX porno...it is perhaps being confused with Swedish Fly Girls...which I saw at the drive-in on numerous occasions.

  5. My favourite local independent video store gets all the Schoolgirl Report movies in when they're released, and I've seen a couple of them. They definitely love to push the taboo. In the few volumes I've watched, incest and underage sex were common themes.

  6. does anyone know where I can find the movie sensuous fly girls