Important Things to Know #13: College of Striptease

In 1961, The Pink Pussycat College of Striptease opened its doors.  It was playfully referred to as "The Navel Academy".  Among the courses of higher learning offered were:

“The History and Theory of the Striptease”
“The Psychology of Inhibitions”
“Applied Sensual Communication”
"Elementary Bumps and Grinds"
"Controlling the Structural Components of the Anatomy"
“Dynamic Mammary, Navel and Pelvic Rotation and Oscillation”
"Fundamentals of Taking It Off"
"Methodology of Teasing, Tantalizing, and Titillating"

The Dean of the College of Striptease was Sally Marr - Lenny Bruce's mother!

The pictures below come from a 1962 Cavalier magazine I own which did an article on this esteemed academic institution.  TIME also covered the story in November '61.

From The New York Times:
The Pink Pussycat was also a leader in the field of distance learning. For $4.95 plus postage, nonmatriculated students could order a home-instruction kit complete with two bosom bonnets, one G-string, a rhinestone for the navel and a copy of the curriculum.
The final exam was on the honor system. Those who passed could order a Pink Pussycat diploma, signed, sealed, beribboned and suitable for framing.

Another important thing to know: Joan Collins enrolled in the college for a term

The admission requirements were pretty rigid.  They consisted of being:
(1) over 21
(2) of high moral character
(3) seriously interested in the art of striptease
(4) possessed of a voluptuous body

The Pink Pussycat itself was a swank burlesque club frequented by the Rat Pack, and some of the strippers took on interesting names like Fran Sinatra, Deena Martin and Peeler Lawford.  But all good things come to an end, and in the 1970's, the Pink Pussycat became a lesbian club called "Peanuts".


  1. What a cool collection of photographs! I just reblogged it, hope you don't mind!

  2. I agree this is something important to know, and I didn't know it.

  3. Long gone is the "art" of stripping.
    Sort of like the nude photos on the net today, as compared to the "art" pictures on the fifties.

    A little naughty is a good thing. It is when it is accepted that it degenerates.