Just for Laughs #1: Monster Party

Those of my generation will remember the common gag in many a monster magazine and Cracked magazine in particular where speech bubbles were inserted into a frame from an old horror/sci-fi movie.  Indeed, there were whole magazines devoted to this brand of humor (i.e. For Monsters Only, Cracked Monster Party).  The jokes themselves were usually rather weak - but it didn't matter.  We loved them anyway.

So, in honor of a type of silliness that is much missed, we at Retrospace are bringing back the Monster Party.  Enjoy!


  1. I always loved these. Glad to see someone taking up the mantle.

  2. Whoa...Just watched The Giant Behemoth not 3 hours ago.Not a damn thing on TV so I pulled a random DVD to watch while eating my Mrs.Budd's Chicken Pot Pie.Karmatic...

  3. These are really funny! Keep doing this series!

  4. I remember the TV show "Fractured Flickers" with Hans Conreid. They took old movies and dubbed over voices to make them funny.

  5. From what movie is the cool looking zombie holding the chick?

    1. Hiya Pretty sure that's "Plague of the Zombies" a Hammer Production circa 1966.............

      Cheers Obey-Gravity

  6. Thanks for the positive feedback. It was so fun making these; now I have an excuse to make some more!

  7. Dynamite Magazine used to do this some also, and if I remember, there were some trading cards in this style. You are so right, they're goofy, but we loved these things!

  8. Brings back fond memories of my wasted youth. Nicely done.

  9. It is funny that you posted this, because I was wanting to find of the photos that were in a Cracked Monster Party had when I was a kid. I was trying to find photos of women screaming at monster. There are few online, but luckily I found that Cracked Monster Party issue at my parents house. There is one photo in there that I would love to find a great copy of on-line but unfortunately I have no clue on what this movie is or the stars. The monster is a kind of wolfman or apeman of some sort.

  10. What is that last one from?! :p

  11. Similar, but not exactly the same, this is the trading cards I mentioned: http://www.trading-cards.org/Cards-W-Z/Youll-Die-Laughing/index.php

  12. "Come on Gort for goodness sake what is it now?" "I got to go #3 professor...metal shavings."
    "No it's true, Mini-Skirt Monday is back...Someone get me some smelling salt."
    "So I kept debating the question...Dick Sergeant or Dick York...but in the end I realized it didn't matter since all I was going to do was drool over Sam for a half hour anyway."
    "I don't know about any stinkin' fireman carry and frankly at this point I don't really give a darn."
    "Over in the archeology department Professor Jones runs off for months at a time and no one cares. But here in paleontology it's quite a different story...just keep that in mind."
    "Listen here Marvel, my wife and I have a few, shall we say "issues" with your religious bigotry."
    "So what do you know that so called X marks the spot turned out to be something from yesterday's breakfast. Well mummy I guess that about wraps it up...wraps it up...get it mummy...wraps it up."
    "You're still really upset about that whole missing perv section thing aren't you?"