Retrospace Radio #43



  1. Hot Blood - Soul Dracula
  2. Philadelphia International All Stars - Lets Clean Up The Ghetto
  3. Stockard Channing  - Look at Me, Im Sandra Dee
  4. Gary Wright - Give Me The Good Earth
  5. Ranking Dread - Marijuana Soul
  6. Kiss - Almost Human
  7. Donna Lynn - My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut
  8. Syd Dale - The Riviera Set
  9. Gerry Rafferty - Where I Belong
  10. Schoolhouse Rock - My Hero Zero
  11. Bee Gees - Night Fever
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  1. I remember that Philadelphia song,it was used as a public service announcement in my area.I used to enjoy going to Philly for class field trips;places like the zoo,Franklin Institute,Academy of natural science,Independence Hall,Wannamakers at Christmas,etc.I also loved going to the Spectrum for Rock concerts and The Vet for ball games as a teen.But traveling to these places always un-nerved me because of all the inner city squalor.Things obviously have not changed because Recently Philthydelphia made the top 5 dirtiest cities in America.It's a shame,it could be a beautiful city.

  2. Hot Blood! I had a 45 of this I bought in Tokyo.