Vintage Style #37: 1980s Vogue

There was a Xanadu clothing line? Who knew? The movie can be enjoyed now for its kitsch appeal, but at the time it was considered a woeful mistake - despite the awesome ELO and ONJ soundtrack. A Greek Muse inspires a guy to open a roller disco? It doesn't exactly have "blockbuster" written all over it. Still, this clothing line is an interesting find.  Here's some more pages from early 80s Vogue magazines I think you'll enjoy...

Those were all from 1980.  The next are three are from 1983

And finally, the last two from 1982


  1. Wow, those are totally awesome!

    I saw Xanadu in the theater! It stunk.

  2. Magic KennyMarch 01, 2013

    The last two pictures? Pancakes on the griddle, no doubt.

  3. Those last two were part of a longtime Christian Dior ad campaign featuring the exploits of three high society bon vivants called, collectively, the Diors. The older gent is noted theater director and co-star of the classic "My Dinner With Andre," Andre Gregory.

  4. AnonymousMay 14, 2013

    Too bad Wallace Shawn wasn't in these photos. I'd like to see Andre Gregory and him do a followup movie, "My Dinner With Wallace," which they have apparently actually contemplated.

  5. AnonymousJuly 04, 2014

    I am so happy and thrilled to see the complete 4 pages Xanadu dress set publicity..It was a dream of mine came true..I am just wondering now if there is any chance to get these dresses by Jack Mcqueen on the market,right now, after so many years..The dresses are so beautiful and..the first one on the left is the one Olivia Newton John was wearing at the Xanadu press conference (..after their first day of shooting..).at the Hollywood bistrot cafe in Doug Sheehan tv show ..wow..wonderful dresses!!