Just for Laughs #4: Return of the Monster Party

In the grand tradition of Cracked magazine, Dynamite magazine, and the legions of other periodicals that used to add cheesy speech bubbles to horror/sci-fi movie frames, here comes another installment of the Retrospace Monster Party.  Back by popular demand!



  1. much lulz here bro. I used to collect trading cards that were like this, i.e. pretteh corny

  2. I really enjoy these! Keep it up!!!!

  3. These are great! In the tradition of Monsters Unlimited magazine, Monster Laffs cards etc. Keep it up pleeeeeez!

  4. Nice job on the bad layout and spacing, especially in the boogers one.

  5. Might I compliment your genious with these humble alternatives:

    "So he copied over your tape of last night's Downton Abbey episode...It's OK old friend I'll buy you the disc."
    "Don't worry, I've just invented Duct Tape It will take care of that problem you have with your junk hanging out."
    "You still won't buy Geico so it's come down to this."
    "Your cousin...who...It...What?
    "Now did he say 'close my eyes and count' or was it 'Prepare to die, I'm the Count'".
    "This super bedbug thing is obviously no joke."
    "As a couple we remind people of fine timepieces...I have an hourglass figure and you have the brain of a sundial."
    "Pancakes you say...I'm so confused. I thought this was about sex."
    "So I'm smoking...big deal what are they going to do about it?"
    "Aw Leonard and Sheldon you have finally brought me Penny come in and I will keep my end of the agreement and give you the solution to Deliwiychi's Egnima."

  6. AnonymousMay 01, 2013

    I don't think Huang is a Japanese name.

  7. J. Bevington TaliaferroMay 02, 2013

    Hey man. Is that Johnny Yuma the Rebel cussing out Huang? Now that was a good show.

    I used to see these monster cards when I was 10 or younger and it drove me nuts to see all these pictures from monster movies that I HADN'T SEEN. I was a very monster-centric child and this was long before the days of entertainment rental. The best we had was the Friday Night Frights and the occasional re-release of a very few of these movies. One of my holy grails as a kid was the Creature from the Black lagoon. But we did have those completely awesome Christopher Lee Dracula movies. Christopher Lee WAS Dracula. He made Bela Lugosi look like a cheap halloween costume with a pencil necked geek wearing it. Christopher Lee was a serious, God Damned Vampire who would attack and fight you. He would not be denied.