Mini Skirt Monday #149: Footwear Faux Pas

The footwear that girls of the seventies chose to combine with their miniskirts deserves some attention...... negative attention.  A lot of the problem arose from the fact that sandals, boots, heels and pumps weren't allowed in most schools - so you're limited oftentimes to clunky shoes that have no business being partnered with the miniskirt.

So, here's my chance to pretend to be a "fashionista"; God knows I wish those Joan Rivers style police would just shut the hell up and let people dress how they want to dress. But this is all in fun - so, please don't take these criticisms too seriously.  Truth be told, as long as you're rockin' a mini, you're footwear is probably going to be just fine.

But let's proceed with the inspection, anyway.  Shall we?

Which of these is not like the others?  It's enough to make me want to take her ribbon away.

Knee high socks with platform sandals.  Let's just say it's an acquired taste.

Even a saxophone can't redeem your 'cool points' when your wearing striped tennis shoes with your miniskirt and tights. 

Why would you wear goulashes with a miniskirt? The same reason I guess that you'd wear a dress with a waistband up to your armpits. 

I'm just impressed by her leg muscles.  Pulling those mighty platforms off the ground must take some strength.

Oh, Lord.  Where to begin?  The white shoes on the right, the bowling shoes next to her.... it's too much for me to take in.

If you can find the will power to divert your eyes from those pants, I'll ask you to check out the girl on the right.  What in the Seven Hells is this all about?

This footwear is only okay if you're Roman Centurion or live on Mount Olympus.  Otherwise, it's a no go.

Tsk-tsk.  No white shoes with dark tights or hose. A couple more examples of the same offense...

It's part of the cheerleader uniform.  I get that.  It's still no excuse.  All traditions will one day be broken. So, why not start with those shoes and socks?

Just because you're playing frisky on the kiddie ride doesn't give you the right to wear red socks and sandals.  Then again, maybe it does.

The shoes on the right should only be worn in bowling alleys. The shoes on the left should only be worn never.

And a few more for the road...



  1. ah, your being too hard on the girls.. it was, after all, what they had to choose from the shoe store. Shoes probably designed by men. That said, thanks for collecting the photos and sharing them

  2. Eh, most of those girls didn't have a choice, like you said. But that girl with the green top, red skirt, red/yellow/black belt - her shoes look like Spider-man's mask.

  3. Photo #2 (knees high sox and platform sandals). I think this pic belongs in the "probable pancakes" department as well......

  4. Christina Lindberg (#15/right) could wear anything on her feet and get away with it. Gah, what a woman...

    1. That is one of the sexiest dresses I have seen in a while. WOW. Great pictures. Thanks!

  5. I KNEW that was Christina Lindberg!

  6. My mom had some Roman sandals, only hers were strings instead straps like the picture. She hated them, they never stayed up, but my dad loved them. I think she broke the string on purpose.

  7. Next to last pic is definitely pancakes waiting to happen but the guy looks off into the distance like there is a line or two waiting for him.
    As for the second pic, there was definitely some Barry White playing later that night, if ya catch my drift. Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge.

  8. I think some of those shoe styles were on the feet of the women at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night.

  9. The girl with the surfer is pretty damned cute, like Marcia-Brady-in-high-school cute.

  10. I appreciate the stealth pancakes.. The mini shots are cool too, takes me back to when I was a horny 13 year old in the 70's

  11. I think that minis, sneakers and hose together are still da bomb here in the 21st century!