Just for Laughs #2: Bill Wenzel

Bill Wenzel was a big player in the golden age of those sexy single panel comics you found sprinkled throughout adult magazines like Playboy and Esquire.  Wenzel published a reputed 10,000 pin-up comics, and writing most of the jokes himself.  For the most part, his works appeared in Humorama publications (i.e. Breezy, Cartoon Parade, Gaze, Jest, Joker, Romp, and Zip).  But his work also found its way onto paperbacks (most notably Coffee, Tea or Me).

Son of Hungarian immigrants, Wenzel grew up in New Jersey and served in WWII.  His unique background brought a special style to the world of bawdy art. These types of cartoonists and illustrators each had their own recognizable type of pin-up gals.  For instance, Bill Ward's were notoriously sleazy; whereas Wenzel's had a certain innocence to them.  Wenzel is also noted for depicting "thick" busty women - no emaciated twigs in Wenzel panels.

Enjoy a few panels of the maestro: Bill Wenzel.


  1. Good stuff.

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    1. You are right about that. However, of all my posts, this was the second most trafficked. Go figure.

  3. Great drawings, but weak, weak humor. Go figure.