Mini Skirt Monday #155: A Miniskirt Miscellany

Herein is an array of quotes, lyrics, poems, news and et cetera all pertaining to the vintage mini.  Enjoy.

But my old Aunt Minnie bought a mini-skirt
And all the fellas flirt.
Everybody's wise
To my Aunt Minnie's thighs
In her crazy mini-skirt.

- "My Aunt Minnie" by Alan Sherman (1967)

A Poem by Jeanne Teston (1972)

I praise the day the mini-skirt
Arrived upon the scene.
It's mini this and mini that
And mini everything.

Alas I feel that I'm in style,
I really feel quite blessed.
I feel as if my mini-skirt
Offsets my mini chest

Qualified observers report the short-skirt trend has reached undreamed-of-heights but appears about to bottom out.
-  Kiplinger's Personal Finance, June 1969 (humor section)

"Well, I'm supposed to meet Linka tonight and they've set me up for a hit. But I'm gonnna shock her out of her miniskirt."
The Wrecking Crew (1968)

Conversational Sign Language II: An Intermediate-Advanced Manual, Volume 2 by Willard J. Madsen
Exercises: Sign the following sentences, giving particular attention to the boldface English idioms; fingerspell all words which cannot or should not be signed.

"They told us about mini-skirts but I never thought we'd get to see one."
Rolling Thunder (1977)

"That gig went out with mini-skirts, you schlep."
Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972)

[above] In 1968, the miniskirt was evidently still new enough in the U.S. for Parliament cigarettes to offer a prize for the correct answer to the question above.
LIFE (April 12, 1968, advertisement)

chain mail minis

I'm looking for a smart woman in a real short skirt
Smart woman who knows how to flirt
Smart woman got a mind of her own
Smart woman that'll take me home

- "Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt)" by Jimmy Buffett (1988)

G.A.M.S. (Girls Against Midi-Maxi Skirts)- A New York women's organization in the 1970's dedicated to fight for the mini-skirt against the monstrosity of the midi and the maxi.

From the Kenya National Assembly Official Record, July 28, 1971
Mr. Mwamzandi: On a point of order, Mr. Deputy Speaker, the Honorable Member talks of our Constitution being interfered with regarding the question of mini skirts.  I am sure the Constitution itself does not allow people to go naked unless one is mad.  Is the Honorable Member in order to impute that when we stop girls from walking naked we are interfering with their liberty?
The Deputy Speaker (Dr. Waiyaki): I do not know that the mini can be construed as leaving a girl naked except that the things are a little more exposed than you may want them to be.  Some of us like the miniskirts.

"Just as the readers of pornography follow the evil road, as as the moviegoers take the degrading path when they patronize the vicious and unclean, so the short skirt wearers mimic the group which is seeking to destroy morals." 
- Deseret News, Salt Lake City, UT (August 1971)

"She wears a micro-mini skirt that falls just below her womanhood."
- music critic on Tina Turner (1971)

I go to strollin' in the park, I see mini skirts out there
I go out in the park, I see mini skirts out there
Mini skirts, mini skirts, everywhere

- "Mini Skirts" by John Lee Hooker

"Surely the winds of fashion have never blown so ill. To go from the miniskirt to the pantsuit is to go in one leap from noon to midnight, from the Riviera to Scranton..... The pantsuit is the Richard Nixon of high fashion.  Send it away at once, unwanted. Send it away twice, unloved.  No matter; it will return to beg for approval still another time."
"Fashion Review" by William Zinsser on the supposed imminent decline in the miniskirt in LIFE magazine, October 1968.

"If health were the only consideration, the mini-skirt would stay and the midi and the maxi would be outlawed.  It gives the body freedom of movement, which should be basic in clothing.  The miniskirt also tends to promote pride in the body, and this is important in a nation where overweight is a major health problem.... Midis and maxis are a step backward.  There may have been some justification for women to wear long dresses in the past for warmth, but modern heating has changed all of that."
- Dr. Harry J. Johnson, Life Extension Institute (August 1970)

See that girl with the red dress on,
She can do it all night long,
She's a bad girl, she's a bad girl.
I know a girl that likes to flirt,
She can do it in a mini skirt.

- "Bad Girl" by ZZ Top 
(Eliminator 1983)


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  3. K PencheMay 28, 2013

    That "Wrecking Crew" quote put me in mind of Sinatra's Tony Rome movies. There's a world of sociological treasure in there...the Old Guard cursing Youth and Long Hair while drooling and mixing martinis...

    1. Paul DucaMay 28, 2013

      "Miami Beach...20 miles of sand in search of a city"

  4. AnonymousMay 28, 2013

    "An hour" ogling minis? I wish; the few women where I work who do wear them are in another part of the building, and I get only a few moments if I'm lucky.

  5. Love the Flip Wilson quote.