Needlework A-Go Go #32: 1972-1973 Good Housekeeping

So, I had a stack of vintage needlework magazines that were just itching to be scanned.  As always, I share my hard work with the world in the hopes that, one day, I will be honored for my works in vintage preservation.  I'm still waiting for the following email to land in my inbox:
"I am anonymous billionaire who just deposited a million dollars in your paypal account in thanks for the amazing service you provide to humanity."
Hey - it could happen. Anyway, enjoy some pages from Good Housekeeping Needlecraft magazine Fall-Winter 1972-1973

I loved those fisherman sweaters.  You don't see them much anymore.

I thought this was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.  Countess Cis Zoltowska rocks!

I'm sorry, but this is just a damn fine look.  Can we finally get past the tired idea that seventies fashions were bad?  I know I'm terribly biased, but I genuinely think this stuff looks better than anything on runways today.

I'm getting a slight "pancake" vibe from these two.  But, no, this is still from the Good Housekeeping magazine.

Fashion from the seventies actually took some chances.  Nowadays, you see crazy shit on the runway, but everyday fashions are yawn inducing.

But this is familiar ground.  I think I summed it up best here.

On the downside, the miniskirt was fading out in 1973 in fashion circles in favor of longer hemlines.  On the upside - the ascot is still rockin'.  It gained favor in the swingin' sixties and by the end of the seventies it was only worn by Fred on Scooby Doo and Mr. Furley on Three's Company.  I vote we bring it back.  Before I die, I want to wear an ascot with no sense of irony.

As much as I like the adult fashions, I must admit that children's needlework fashions were beyond terrible.  If I wore that apple vest to school, I would have been at risk for a near fatal wedgie.

Man,  Fall-Winter 1972-73 were really the seasons of the women's tie!

Obviously a William F. Buckley fan.  On the shelf:

The Governor Listeth: A Book Of Inspired Political Revelations by William F. Buckley Jr.

Odyssey of a Friend: Letters to William F. Buckley Jr. 1954-1961 by Whittaker Chambers, William F. Buckley Jr.

The Jeweler's Eye by William F. Buckley Jr.

For an extreme close-up


  1. The next to the last image of the girl leaning on the bookshelf. She may be wearing a bodysuit. That may make for an interesting expose on the subject of late sixties and early seventies styles of the bodysuits and bodyshirts.



  2. Same as my bookshelf.

  3. I'm sending you that email right away. Unfortunatly, I don't have the million to deposit in your paypal.

    While watching Hart to Hart (Robert Wagner frequently wears an ascot) I would ask my wife is she wants me to wear an ascot. She says she won't be seen with me if I do. Even in the house alone.

    1. Paul DucaMay 10, 2013

      How about if you wear the ascot and nothing else?

  4. nightflyMay 08, 2013

    It must be really awkward to walk around all the time gripping the edges of your swingin' knee-length knit jacket, sight dimmed by dinner-plate sized eyeglasses. She seems to just now be realizing that she got off the train in the wrong city entirely.

    But for the most part, the rest of the ladies look faboo. Blonde Chalet Girl for the win.