Understanding Human Behavior #5

It's high time we took another look at the greatest series of reference books ever printed.  The topics are insane and the illustrations crazier than a shit-house rat.  It's like a thousand page diary of a madman; a testimonial, if you will, to how intensely off-course the 1970s were - and I love every page.

The illustration above is for a chapter on dreams as premonitions. The caption: "There are thousands of authenticated cases of dreams which have foretold the future.  But details of the dream should mirror the event - it is not enough to dream about an air crash, then read of one the next day."

This is an amazingly tacky illustration from a chapter on prostitution: "The pimp serves many functions for the prostitute, canvasing clients, protecting her business and being perhaps the only lover in her life to whom she will give gifts."

What the hell?!?

These panels and the next two come from a chapter titled "End of the Affair" about ending relationships.

"It's a small town, and when boy meets girl, both profess everlasting love.  But then he starts college and goes to the city.  When she comes to visit, she feels like a fish out of water - he's got a new way of life, and she no longer fits in.  Now when he returns home, they greet each other as strangers living poles apart."

And yet another article on prostitution; this one called "Love for Sale" where becoming a hooker is described as a viable career choice. Check out how the artwork illustrates how you can go from shitty secretarial work, getting bargain basement clothes, and drinking beer..... to champagne wishes and caviar dreams!

"Who can blame a girl for wanting a taste of the good life? Many a virtuous poor girl has been tempted into prostitution by the lure of luxury and a more exciting lifestyle."

"Snap! Another for the album.  Some men collect female scalps as others collect stamps."

Well, isn't that quaint.

"Group therapy may strip her of her false image to reveal the little girl inside.  Daring to show yourself is vital to emotional development."

"The last word in clothes, make-up and male pop stars are all preoccupations of teenage girls"

First, this looks like a prelude to pancakes. Second, I wish I could identify the band on the wall - anyone recognize them?

"Gamophobia: The abnormal fear of marriage"

And finally, from a chapter on "the seven year itch": "There's always someone at the office ready to help a married man scratch his itchy feet."



  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2013

    When viewed at full size, I see OSMON at the top right corner of the "band on the wall" picture. I'm thinking Osmonds. Now let's be quiet and let them enjoy the pancake show.

  2. AnonymousMay 31, 2013

    Those two illustrations for "Love For Sale" definitely look like the work of the late great Don Lawrence, who did the original "Carrie" strips in Mayfair and, of course, his masterpiece "The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire" in Ranger and Look & Learn comics here in the good old UK :-)


  3. K PencheMay 31, 2013

    Yeah, the Wimpyburger sign is a limey giveaway. OT, the only chance we pubescents got to see minis in 70s tv shows was hookers. Because hot pants and gogo boots were a sure sign of Loose Morals. Plus , the tv hookers were always HAWT, not like the wrecks seen in mugshots.

  4. AnonymousMay 31, 2013

    These images remind me of the colorfull pictures in the Jehovah's witnesses booklets like The Watchtower.Can we expect someday you'll post something on this topic?

  5. AnonymousMay 31, 2013

    The band in the poster is definitely the Osmonds, circa 1972. from left to right it's Jay. Merrill, Wayne and Alan. The girl is in the way of Donny. The poster next to it also appears to be Donny Osmond. I have no idea who that woman (or man?) with the metallic pants is in the poster below the Osmonds.

    1. AnonymousMay 31, 2013

      The other poster is of the Sweet.

    2. Ah, yes. Yet another reason I love doing this blog. Someone out there always has the answer, no matter how obscure.

  6. Oh, pancakes indeed. She's in her underwear! But I think that's supposed to be her mom. But I say it's a friendly neighbor lady who has taken an interest in Suzy's teenage needs and is enticing her with clunky shoes.

  7. Magic KennyMay 31, 2013

    "And this shoe, my dear, should fit your vagina perfectly."

  8. I'm still searching for the video series companion to these books. The only online copie I have found (of the videos) was in a restricted access university online media library. Its a shame, cuz the video series is equally as wacky as the books (I own most of the book series)

  9. The images are too funny. The illustrations I thought were similar in style to chick publications "Accept JC or take a dip in the lake of fire -chick). I like how the poor girl who didn't go to college like her BF really let herself go. Great post as always Gill.

  10. I stinkin' love this series!

  11. Where do you start on this....
    That first picture is just painful... I don't think he's having a dream... I think he's having a stroke and starting to hallucinate.
    That pimp picture looks like Jim Jones (that crazy People's Temple guy) and in that upper right picture Charles Bronson is about to kick his ass.
    The small town boy and girl looks like a different girl in each picture... he comes back and she's a red neck middle aged woman with the laundry hanging out. Also, did anybody else catch the lesbian guitar serenade?
    In the next picture set the prostitute's face looks like that Guy Fawks/V for Vendetta/anonymous mask, and her pimp looks like Jack Nicolson on chemo dressed as Rhett Butler for Halloween. Also, notice his twin giving him a salute.
    Old back and white whore pics are fine... I want to know where that antique shop that sells guns, swords, and armor is located.
    I don't think that's a very little girl popping out of the cleavage... for cleavage it kind of creeps me out.
    The Osmond fans... mom/older woman... younger woman/daughter in her underwear.... I don't know, but it makes me want a sandwich real bad...
    The next picture I thought it was Richard Hatch getting attacked by a ghost... not somebody afraid of marriage.
    That last picture I can tell she's saying... in a low smokers voice... "come on home with me to my place... Doll.."