Ads #69: Japanese Advertising

Asian advertising often has me scratching my head in abject confusion; however, you have to admit they have an amazing stylistic sensibility.  Not only is the lettering more appealing but the whole composition/layout upon the page is so clean and well placed.  It's hard to explain, but if I had to use an analogy - in advertising they are the Felix Unger and we are the Oscar Madison. (Get it? Madison Avenue?..... I'll see myself out.)

A crazed 80's dude is holding a chick at gunpoint., but the gun is a gag toy, her skirt flies up, and she throws the PC-8201 into the air while an old fart attempts to catch it.  Makes perfect sense to me.

I love when English text is inserted.  It's often this fantastic combination of literal meaning + bizarre word choice.

That kid is kind of creeping me out.  It's like the last scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey.... but 80's.

I can't tell you how badly I want that beer.  What a kick ass bottle.  Are they supposed to be squirrels?

This is the sexiest "fix a flat" advertisement ever.  The Japanese are cool in my book.

Check the nifty patio furniture.  Oh, wait.  It's an exercise equipment ad.

Japan - always a reliable place for miniskirts.  My hat goes off to this fine country and their dutiful reverence to the mini.

#1 Is this really so amazing? And #2, what kind of bird laid that egg? 

This woman is freaking ecstatic about her White & White - and I mean ecstatic! I think she's reached a point of nirvana or something. She has entered a state of mind free of all craving, anger and mental suffering.  C.S. Lewis called it to be "Surprised By Joy" others reckon it as revelation, epiphany, or divine transcendence.  It takes years of determination for some; but for her - simply opening a toothpaste box.

There's just something about the Japanese lettering that takes an ordinary tire ad and makes it look like art.  Am I right?

Evidently this "City Face" TV/VCR will print out publicity photos, of which you can wrap around your naked body like Valerie Leon.  Brilliant!

I remember actually seeing these record player boom box systems.  Obviously, they never caught on.  I don't think they allowed for movement of the device during play, and they were really expensive compared to the cassette stereos.

Well, that's it for now, but I've got more vintage Japanese advertising that must be shared.  Stay tuned.



  1. We revel in your awesomeness and salute your sharing these with us.

  2. These ads very good for happytime fun!

  3. I think the ultimate weird Japanese advertising moment has to be the commercial on You Tube from Japan has a giant flying sanitary napkin stopping a rain storm.

  4. I saw those miniskirt babes in a Mr Sparkle commercial. "I am disrespectful toward dirt!"

  5. It's not the Japanese writing that makes it art, it's the eyebrows.

  6. I want one of those license plate tool boxes immediately.

    Also, I love how the Japanese use Connery's James Bond as the epitome of coolness to sell their TV/VCR. If that's a screen grab from "You Only Live Twice" then double bonus points.