Ads #70: Japanese Advertising (Part 2)

Remember back in the late seventies and into the eighties, the space shuttle was 'the big thing"?  It wasn't just Moonraker that jumped on the "shuttle is cool" bandwagon - it popped up in Airplane II, on toy shelves, McDonald's Happy Meals, and evidently in Japanese beer.

I would love to have a bottle of this.  Why is everything from Japan so damnably cool?  Here's some more Japanese vintage ads for your viewing pleasure...

Everybody had an AM/FM-Cassette player like these back in the day.  I can't tell you how much use I got out of mine.  This was the iPod for the kids of '83.

We Americans think we are the masters of cheesecake.  I hate to burst your bubble, but the Japanese have perfected it and made it into an art form.  Look and learn.

We have a whistling Irishman who likes to cleave chunks of soap off with a pocket knife  In Japan - naked chicks.

I'm not fully sure I know what a Glamor Marker is.... but I'm willing to learn.

If that's not sexual innuendo than I don't know what is.  And it's for a marker!

Unfortunately, I can't tell what this is an ad for.  Anyone that can read Japanese, please chime in and let me know.

Nice scientific analysis of the booty.  Bravo.

"Full Supporty"

Shifting gears a bit....

Whale penis anyone?

If that boy laughs any harder, there's going to be an accident.

Maybe it's a cultural difference, but where I come from, that's not the face someone makes when they like the food.  That's the expression of someone deeply troubled.

Am I stating the obvious when I say it's going to be hard to drink that tea with that helmet on?

Nowadays, kids would scoff at such a toy, but I think this is pretty cool.  Of course, I'm easily amused.

Smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee/tea and watching Moonraker - this is what life's all about, folks.  (A little odd that Moonraker would come up twice in this post, though..) 

Collect all your favorite instrument nic-nacs.  Personal fave - fugelhorn.

A damn shame that cotton-candy look never caught on.  Or has it?  The only times I think I've seen the pink hair thing was the centaur chick in Fantasia and the 80s Saturday morning cartoon, Jem.  Nothing else comes to mind.



  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2013

    The girl looks a little young to be thinking about pancakes. Oops, I'm bad.

  2. I knew a lady in her 70s who had that color hair. But doing the pink or blue rinse is a typical thing for women who go grey because pollution and people smoking gives grey hair a yellow tint otherwise.

  3. You're absolutely correct about everything from Japan being so damn cool. My love of Japanese culture started, of course with early exposure to Godzilla, Ultraman, and Star Blazers. It's weird how everything Japanese is so much cooler than say Chinese, or Korean. Judging from the Japan Airlines logo, I would guess that the ad with the girl on the beach is for the airline itself, or some other travel related item. Also, a TV with wired remote AND analog clock? What a time to be alive!

  4. Great stuff as usual. Good thing about the pantyhose ads is that its easy to tell what they are selling and they feature some gorgeous legs.

  5. The girl on the beach is for JAL (see the logo?) - Japan Airlines.

    That remote controlled marching duck reminds me of something the toymaker/neighbor would make on Godzilla's Revenge.

  6. If you want weird Japanese advertising try this one.


    1. It's a Taiwanese ad,not Japanese.

  7. Paul DucaJune 18, 2013

    Mrs. Ladypants...for freshness of crotch!