Artful Conception #21: Movie Poster Montage

It's time for another walk through the Retrospace Museum of B-Movie Art. The museum is free to the public, and the beer's only a buck fitty (I hope you like Pabst Blue Ribbon in a paper cup).   Feel free to sign up for the guided tour - the price includes a Foghat record and admission to the 7:30 wet t-shirt contest.  Rock on!

Our special collection today is the montage.  You gotsta love the montage, where the philosophy of "less is more" is jettisoned in favor of the more straightforward "more is more" approach.

The Curious Case of the Campus Corpse (aka The Hazing) (1977)

Super Man Chu: Master of Kung Fu (1973)

Moonrunners (1975)

The Human Factor (1975)

J.D.'s Revenge (1976)

Deathdream (1974)

The Mistress Is Served (1976)

Moonshine County Express (1977)

Swap Meet (1979)

Summer School Teachers (1974)

Black Dragon's Revenge (1975)

The Bloodstained Butterfly (1970)

Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)

Candy Stripe Nurses (1974)

Slaughter (1972)

And my favorite of all montages - (click to view full size)

The Pom Pom Girls (1976)


  1. I love it...the colors just pop and you really have to admire the artistic ability back in the day that went into creating these and they make me want to watch the movies, as cheesy as the titles sound!

  2. I made a couple of posts on my own blog partially dedicated to the awesomeness that is montage movie posters, & the influence they have had on me as an illustrator.



  3. Show some foreign posters and we'd get some nipples. Speaking as an art connoisseur.

  4. The Mistress Is Served - I thought that was Sean Connery and Raquel Welch on the bed, but apparently not.

    1. I like to think that Sean Connery was in the poster, because who cares that he wasn't in the movie, it was the 70's and he was Sean F'k'n Connery. "What? Pose for a poster with a topless lass? And those bashtahds wanted Bert Convy?!? Stand aside, I'll handle this."

      Deathdream: Tom Cruise IS the Terminator!

      JD Walker's apparently wants revenge for being turned into a scarred Billy Dee Williams. On the positive side, we now know what Two-Face would have looked like if they hadn't recast the role after Tim Burton left the franchise.

      In general, the screwball sex romp comedy and exploitation genres just cry out for montage posters, don't they?

  5. AnonymousJune 05, 2013

    "Deathdream" - Hey, it's Jack Woltz from the Godfather!!

  6. BLACK DRAGON'S REVENGE is by Neal Adams!

  7. Did you know that Pabst is a holding company now, and doesn't actually make beer? It contracts for the brewing of beer for many obsolete brands such as Stroh's.

  8. Yes, Hollywood needs to get their head removed from down under and get back to hiring illustrators to do their movie posters. No more cyan and orange over-processed, over-rendered photographs. My god, go do a GIS for "2012 movie poster". Now that's funny. It's a sea of black and cyan, and only a few are actually for the movie named "2012".

    1. Good Lord! I did the image search and it surpassed my wildest expectations. What the hell is going on here? Is one guy with an outdated version of Photoshop doing all the Hollywood poster art? I'm appalled.

  9. I don't need to look up "Moonshine County Express" on IMDb to know that it stars John Saxon.

  10. Good grief, The Mistress Is Served (1976) looks like an add for those mini series they use to show on the independent stations back in the 80s. You would see non-stop ads for this "three night event." The latest "Taylor Caldwell" novel brought to your living-room.

  11. The Mistress Is Served (1976) i want this movie.How to download it please bro help me. i m waiting for your replyyyy