Mini Skirt Monday #156: Couples

It's been about a year since we last featured "couples" on Miniskirt Monday. Couples are a fun brand of post in that you get your requisite miniskirt, but you also get the interesting (for lack of a better word) fashions of her partner.  Plus, there's that sociological element too, where you try and analyze and dissect the couple.  More often than not, the chick is swingin' and the guy is as goofy as the day is long.

This time around, we'll focus on young adults and teenagers. So, sit back and enjoy.

(1) I can't tell if he has something in his hand, or is he reaching for hers.  Either way, this looks awkward.

(2) I don't think that's a headlight outside the window.  Probably just some "professional" lighting being reflected.

(3) The white belt was perhaps not the best look.  You can tell he totally slicked his hair for this photo; I imagine it probably looked better in its "natural state".

(4) One of these two didn't dress appropriately for the weather.  Either she's really cold or he's sweating something fierce. I'm guessing it's like a swamp under those corduroys.  Also, I wonder what she's leaning against. Looks like a cart with a chest chained to it.

(5) Not a very hippie friendly sign.  John Lennon would say it's all you need.

(6) Perfect place for a couples photo: on the air conditioning unit among the gravel.  Was the basement furnace unavailable?

(7) Hello there. We're popular. Really, really popular.

(8) What in God's name are those creatures behind them? Legend has it that no one saw these shapes until after the film was developed.  Creeeeeepy.

(9) Sometimes I'll post a dress/skirt and wonder if qualifies as a mini.  This is not one of those times.

(10)  He is sitting mighty far away and is staring a bit too intently for me to think they're an item. A penny for his thoughts, though.

(11) Remember my comment at the top of this post? "More often than not, the chick is swingin' and the guy is as goofy as the day is long."  I think it bears repeating.

(12) The micro mini was a good look. The Glenn Campbell haircut, not so much.

(13) Let's play "name the celebrities the couples remind you of".  Okay, go! Cheri Oteri and Joe Rogan.

(14) Really hard to sit on a bleacher in a miniskirt.  I'm sure a lot of the reason it went out of vogue was simply due to the annoyance of not being able to sit comfortably without exposing yourself.

(15) Forget bleachers, how about a hand-truck?

(16) A young D.B. Sweeny and Jane Curtain.  Not really.  I'm back to the name the celebrity game.

(17) Bobby Brown and Mayim Bialik

(18) I don't know who she reminds me of, but he looks like a Gerry Anderson puppet.

(19) The school president and vice president basking in their own popularity.  But where does the living room end and the backyard begin?

(20) Rare photograph of proto-hipsters in the wild.



  1. "...the lapels of his suit spread gloriously wide, like the wings of Jonathan Livingston Seagull!"

  2. AnonymousJune 03, 2013

    I hate to fly in the face of legend,but #8 looks like a midway game booth to me.The "ghosts" are prizes.It would be disturbing,however,to learn that the spirit world is populated by giant,googly eyed ducks.

  3. #18, a young Janis Joplin and Chet Helms in Port Arthur, TX before they headed out to San Francisco?

  4. #9 Oh man is she a hottie, I bet he can't wait to get her up on that roller coaster.

  5. Speaking of Gerry Anderson. Could I politely suggest a "UFO" TV show Mini skirt monday?

  6. AnonymousJune 03, 2013

    (7) "If those Deltas cause any more trouble, I'm turning them in to Dean Wormer!"

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. AnonymousJune 03, 2013

    In college, we would have said that the guy in #3 with the white belt was sporting a "Half Cleveland". Had he been wearing matching white shoes, that would have been termed a "Full Cleveland".

  9. The gentleman in #5 is a former marine, now working as a high school guidance counselor. The young lady on his lap will be sent out of town in a few months to help her dear old auntie for a few weeks.

  10. #10, he's praying no one asks him to stand up.

  11. And #11... yeah she's hot, but they both look like they were tapped on the forehead with a rubber mallet.

  12. #4 awkward hand placement, dude.

  13. AnonymousJune 04, 2013

    AH! The Seventies! The decade that fashion forgot.

  14. Is that Superfly in the top photo?

    Also, doesn't the guy in #14 look like actor Ronny Cox?

    Anyway, all lovely photos of lovely people...well, lovely girls atleast.

  15. I always enjoy a mini skirt look see! ....... ;-)