Mini Skirt Monday #157: Logan's Run TV Series (Part 1)

I admit I'm prone to exaggeration and hyperbole to get my points across, but this time I tell it objectively and factually - Heather Menzies' miniskirt on Logan's Run is the high water mark in the history of miniskirts on television.  No skirt was shorter, more center-stage, or more prone to flying upwards.

Of course, the original movie was no slouch when it came to to miniskirts either.  It falls in line with the grand tradition of the 1950s-70s to depict futuristic women's clothing as miniskirts.  We could postulate all day as to who filled out the costume better: Jennifer Agutter or Heather Menzies.  However, when compared to the television landscape of miniskirts from On the Buses (1969) to The Nanny (1993), Logan's Run reigns supreme.

Indeed, it was the topic of much discussion at the time.  Even smack in the middle of the "jiggle TV" phenomenon, it still raised eyebrows.
"They have to be careful with the camera with this costume... When I bend over they're in trouble"
              - Heather Menzies (from a 1977 article shown below)

As mentioned in the article, the skirt kept getting shorter and skimpier as the series progressed.  Indeed, this post only covers the first 7 episodes; the best is yet to come.

There were 14 episodes in all, before the show was ridiculously cancelled.  It was hyped pretty big with the younger generation - I remember it being the cover story in Dynamite.  Alas, the story goes that CBS preempted the show one too many times, and so the show was never able to build momentum.

Menzies was, of course, a Von Trapp girl first in The Sound of Music, well before this series began.  Plus, she had a number of movies and TV appearances under her belt (including Piranha), a Playboy spread, and was married to Robert Urich prior to the 1977 pilot.

But this isn't a post about Logan's Run - this is about  a very important mini that happened to be on this short-lived show.  So let's get started!

In the pilot episode, Jessica (Heather Menzies) wears tights.  I'm sure when test audiences were polled, there was a lot of positive feedback for Menzies' skirt.  Hence, the removal of tights and subsequent raising of the hemline over the course of the series.

"Whadya think, Logan? Do you like it?"  I'm betting Gregory Harrison had keep a cool rag on hand on the set.  Probably lots of lotions in the ol' trailer as well.

The sci-fi decor on this show was amazing - rivaling Buck Rogers.  One of these days, I need to do a post just on the groovy sets.

Check out the awful looking robot.  Granted, this wasn't supposed to be a Terminator or IG-88... but, c'mon!    I don't know if it's attributable to the show's limited budget or poor effects department, but Logan's Run was woefully lacking compared to Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica.

Not a great shot, but I want you to take a moment and let it sink in how incredibly high that skirt is.  Let it just waft over you.... your brain will resist, but try hard and it will happen.  Only then will you truly comprehend its power.

From episode 2 - "The Collectors".  Jessica thinks she's finally found the "Sanctuary", but Logan is skeptical.  


I think the guy in the scene above is Linden Chiles.  He's been in a million TV shows, but I know him best as Marilyn's boyfriend in the first episode of The Munsters.

This scene is truly remarkable.  There's an inexplicable cave-in down this hallway (?) and Jessica must be carried by her robot friend, Rem.  The camera leers up her skirt as the pair travels the length of, not one, but two corridors.  There is simply no other reason for this scene to exist other than to spice things up a little..

If you've seen the show, you'll recall there was a lot of walking around in the desert.  I don't think at this point I need to tell you why that would be.

Stay tuned.  There is most certainly more to come.


  1. Oh sure, it's the camera that's leering.
    Your mention of Jenny Agutter reminds me that there doesn't seem to be a post on her: "Walkabout", "I Start Counting", "Logan's Run", "Walkabout"...

    1. Don't forget the nun's habit she wore in "Call The Midwife"...

  2. I actually found me saying to myself, "...oh good, it's mini skirt Monday."

    You're having an effect on me, Gilligan.

  3. In what world is a TV show based loosely on "Brave New World" that features the forced extermination of anyone 30 and over... a kid's show?

    Oh, wait - that would be our world, wouldn't it?

  4. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

    I can't read the article..can you rescan with magnifier on..Thanks

  5. I was at a comic convention a couple of weeks ago. One of the dealers was selling a variety of toys from old sci-fi shows. There was some stuff from "Logan's Run". I hadn't thought of that show in years. I was actually surprised there were any toys from the show I I remembered it got canceled in the first season.

    They also had stuff from "Space:1999". I went to YouTube to watch the opening show. It was as terrible as I remembered. But I watched every episode.

  6. Paul DucaJune 17, 2013

    "The Collector" is too young to be Linden Chiles...he was playing Lance Kerwin's dad on JAMES AT 15/16 at this time.

  7. She doesn't hold a candle to Jennie Agutter. Please correct the balance of nature by doing a similar post on her. Great collection Gill!

  8. AnonymousJune 18, 2013

    For some reason I'm reminded of Quark and the two Betty's. :o)

  9. Jenny Agutter all the way: "You've said enough, you're beautiful, let's have sex" is movie's greatest chat up line.

    Logan's Run also had one of the most annoying TV themes ever. It sounded like a squeaky toy being jumped on at a roller disco.

    Looking down the photos...Alex Cord and Soon Tek Oh guest starring. Ubiquitous guest stars of the 70s.

    Finally, what about a MSM devoted to Katie Saylor from Fantastic Journey?

  10. I have both the movie AND the TV series on DVD and have read the original novel it's based upon. That should tell you how much I love Logan's run. And yes, Heather Menzies was a babe but Jenny Agutter showed a lot more skin (even brief nudity) in the feature film so any comparison between the two is unfair.

    1. I Quite Agree. Though It Should Be Remembered. Heather Menzies. Was Limited To The Trappings Of A Tv Show. She Still Had A Lot Going For Her. With Plenty Up Skirt Shots. Jenny. And The Movie. Well You Could Go A Little Further. Have To Say. This Page. Dedicated To Logans Run. And Miss Menzies. Is Out Of This World.

  11. I Agree Heather's Skirt. In That Show Rocks. Come's Close. to Another Cutie.
    Deanna Lund. In Land Of The Giants. Her Mini Was HOT.

  12. Would It Be Possible. To Have A Section On Land Of The Giants.
    Deanna Lund & Heather Young. We Would Be Spoilt For Choice.
    Both Wore Mini's & Retro Go Go Boots. Would Love To See A Page.
    Dedicated To The Redhead Miss Lund.

  13. Katie Saylor. The Fantastic Journey was Hot as well

  14. AnonymousMay 25, 2014

    I Quite agree. The Lovely Miss Saylor. Olso Wore Boots. With Her Mini Dresses. How About a Feature.

  15. AnonymousJune 06, 2014

    That particular “groovy set” was Logan's quarters from the film, slightly redecorated. I knew they used film footage whenever possible, for obvious reasons, but not that they'd inherited actual sets as well!

  16. AnonymousMay 03, 2015

    Land of the Giants showed some up-skirt as well. BTW did you know Logan's Run novels were a trilogy?