Retrospace Flashback Episode

The "flashback episode" reeked bloody havoc on sitcoms in the eighties - none were immune, whether it be Family Ties or Silver Spoons.  There was simply nothing worse than sitting down to watch your favorite show and then finding it was another crummy flashback episode.  It was a cheap move on the part of the networks before they invented the cheapest move of them all - the reality show.

Anyway, Retrospace has been around now for about five years, and I think it's about time for a flashback episode of our own.  Here's some of my favorite posts - not necessarily the most popular, just personal faves for a variety of reasons.  Just click on the Polaroids and enjoy.

Warning: I had such fun making this post, that there's sure to be more.  Please let me know your favorites from 2008-2012 and I'll include them in the next installment.


  1. I liked your post on Richard Dawson.

    The TV guest-star babes are great also. Love to see more of those.

    Hicksploitation movie list.

    And of course, Mini-skirt Monday.

    As to The Landers, we started watching Burn Notice on Netflix, and every time Audrey Landers is briefly on screen, I get this thrill that goes beyond words. I was surprised by how strong it was.

  2. AnonymousJune 27, 2013

    Any post that had to do with Barbara Eden and Dawn Wells.
    And I like the monster movie scenes with the funny captions!

  3. This is cool! I like the posts that show home interiors and the RVs.

  4. Those were called "clip show episodes..."

    Al Bigley

  5. Great post.
    Archie Comics photo-bombs.
    Unidentified student makes snarly hand written comments about her (maybe his) classmates in her yearbook.
    Worse song ever post - the one where he sings about killing his own daughter on her sixteenth birthday in a drunk driving accident.
    Mini-Skirt Monday #100 (sure quility always matter but sometimes quanity is a good thing too).
    I agree about monster movie scenes with humorous captions.