Ads #72: Undergarments

In this post you'll not only get acquainted with gobs of underwear models, but you'll also meet Sloggi the Perverted Bear.  Plus, there's subtle lesbianism, possible illegal sex trade operations, and an erotic ham sandwich.  What are you waiting for?

Yes, I know.  There's no male undergarments in this post. Retrospace is often overtly hetero-male-centric. But there's certainly nothing stopping you bloggers from making a vintage boxer short and grippy post - in fact, I'd be happy to link to it.  Fair enough?  let's move on...

Translation to the tagline: "They're cheap and comfortable" - but I guess that doesn't have a ring to it.  Somewhere there was a Don Draper to make "cheap and comfortable" sing.

The Underscene ads are an interesting campaign, and not just for the granny panty style.... the accompanying Underscene ad had the chick wear nothing at all...

Note the text: "If you really want to look like you're not wearing underwear, don't wear any...."  Wow.  Just wow.

He's totally ignoring the grapes and concentrating on the melons.....(Sorry, I couldn't help it.)

Ever thought about how morbid that idea is in the first Eiderlon ad? You want to have nice panties on for when your dead and on a slab.... Yeesh.  And yet it was a pretty common thought process back then (perhaps still today?)

Is she naughty because she's eating a brownie?  That's not the 'naughty' that came to mind.

I'm trying to get a handle on what she's doing here... bear with me, it's early in the morning, pre-coffee. Is she darning his shirt? I mean, is it possible to set a less romantic vibe than stitching on a button?  And the dude looks so very pleased.

I suppose the point is to show that you'll look hot even when you're doing chores, but that intention is not readily understood.... at least not before a cup of coffee.  

It looks like maybe Aries girls like the backdoor.  I'm a Taurus..... hell to the yeah.

Little known fact:  Up until the late 1980s, light bulbs were HUGE in Europe. The UK was able to import the smaller bulbs, and parts of France as well.  Everywhere else: massive light bulbs.

Okay, I get it.  Finesse and Maidenform all had their nice ads, but the foreign undergarment advertising takes the cake (or at least it did back in the seventies-eighties).  Hence the plethora of Euro ads in this post.

Is it just me, or is this advertisement exploding with erotic undercurrents? Just wondering.

Also, I notice that the Euro underwear ads don't airbrush out the nipples.  This could either mean (A) airbrushes weren't available in Europe during the 1970s, or (B) Europeans are not shocked like Americans by the sight of an areola.

What's with the nude girl in a shipping crate?

Again with the naked chick in shipping crate... except this time the underwear model seems frightened.  Is this some sort of sex trade operation?

You may want to strongly consider enlarging these 1973 Kesman ads.  Well worth the click.

What's in the box? A $25 gift card to Target.  Not what she was expecting... but still nice.

Good Lord. This couple appear to be having sex vicariously through a ham sandwich.

Hat is optional..... very optional.

I don't know what they're saying, but I'm getting a creepy vibe from the bra salesman.

Perhaps it's just his hand gesture...

Will you check out this perverted little pink bear? He's totally looking up their skirts, and clearly getting off on it.  Someone needs to report Sloggi Bear to the authorities.

The bear is back!.... and apparently he likes his ladies liquored up.  Just make sure she's coherent enough to consent, Sloggi Bear. Or is that too much to ask?

Sloggi Bear is back!  What's the matter, you don't see him?  Let's just say he's in the left corner, ....um, "presenting himself".  Classic Sloggi.


  1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2013

    What just happened?!

  2. A pink bear in panties just got his freak on?

  3. AnonymousJuly 27, 2013

    UnderScene woman with the giant 1970s hair wins it. Runner-up: both CeSoir women. Tell me that Naughty Girl isn't going to use that comb on her ... skip it.

    This stuff is tame. Now Frederick's of Hollywood ads in the back pages of my Mom's Redbook and Ladies' Home Journal magazines - ZING!

  4. "Es gibt Mieder die engen ein
    Aber Miss Ski macht frei"

    "there are tight bodices (girdles/corsets), but Miss Ski frees you"

    So other girdles are like being stuffed into a packing crate.

    Still, you'd think Germans would try avoid the phrase "macht frei" at all costs.

    1. The "macht frie" phrase hit me the same way!

  5. AnonymousJuly 28, 2013

    I find it interesting how this changed. A lot of underwear looked much nicer than nowadays. Especially the pink one. It's funny how in Schiesser they are nearly naked,- you can see the nipples through their transparent bra! Imagine how it was for the people at that time!


  6. Speaking of nipples, which I do frequently, I'd like to complain that there's one in your footer. Possibly more.

    1. Yikes. I simply took a bunch of random images from various folders and 'batch edited' them in photoshop, without really looking at them. Footer removed.

      No, I don't think a nipple you need a magnifying glass to see is particularly offensive.... but what's the point? Thanks for the notice, retrohound. Footer gone (it wasn't really adding anything to the site anyway)

    2. Well, I was joking, which I thought my comment about frequency made clear, and I knew of your previous complaints and your response.

    3. And, besides that, I'm reading a post on underwear! If I was offended, I should be reading about pinochle or something.

  7. AnonymousJuly 29, 2013

    Yay Sloggi the Bear! Retrospace's newest hero! I got a feeling he'll be back...