Dead Links!

Yep.  There's a lot of dead download links on Retrospace.  I've been getting a ton of emails notifying and complaining about this sad fact.  Indeed, sharity was one of the joys of operating this blog.  I've uploaded hundreds of comics, mix tapes, magazines, podcasts, and miscellaneous ephemera over the years.... and all of them are now sleeping with the fishes.

So what happened? Well, I got burned by the file sharing sites.  Rapidshare was perhaps the worst perpetrator, killing links with no notification whatsoever, later citing "copyright issues" and "bandwidth exceeded".  I tried several other services (i.e. Divshare and PowWeb for instance) and was similarly dicked around.

Imagine your frustration: You spend hours scanning a comic or magazine, then upload it to a site you are paying for..... only to have the link wind up dead because it received too much traffic.  After a while this stops being fun.  Blogging isn't a paying gig; it's a pleasurable hobby. File sharing misery sucks every ounce of pleasure out of the process.  So, finally I decided it just wasn't worth it.

So, you don't need to notify me that there's a hundred posts that are now rendered worthless.  Believe me, I know.  It grieves me to think all the toil that went into making FORTY FOUR podcasts amounts to zilch  If you know of a file sharing site that you are one hundred percent confident in, I'd like to hear about it.  Until such a fantastical place exists, Retrospace links will continue to be D.O.A.


  1. I don't get nearly the traffic you do but I've been using google drive to host sharities on my blog.

  2. Always loved the podcasts, I have a few of them on my MP3 player (thanks again, Gilligan!) But to me, they were the icing on an already tasty cake known as Retrospace.

    I know I'm not helping here, just wanted to use this opportunity to say how much I love this far out site--and the new banner is your best yet!

  3. AnonymousJuly 26, 2013

    Hang in there... i've also watched a lot of hosting sites go belly-up over the years, but you;'re doing The Groovy Lord's work here. Sad that I have no better option to recommend, just encouragement and appreciation for the effort. It's all good stuff - but the commentary is really what makes the post each time IMHO.
    "Thanks for the hours of entertainment" from one of the "lurkers" then.

  4. Most of my problems like this have been from You Tube.

  5. Same comment as Dex: if you're willing to use your (free) Google Drive allocation to host stuff [up to 15 gigs worth], it's more or less invulnerable to heavy traffic. Don't know however about what happens if your stuff gets reported for copyright infringement repeatedly. You can get more than 15 gigs with a paid plan.

    wrt Dropbox, free accounts (2gb storage) have a bandwidth cap of 20gb per day; paid ones (100+ storage) are 100gb per day. More than that and your account is suspended temporarily. (so depending on your traffic profile this may or may not be an option).

  6. Thanks for advice and kind words. Retrospace readers are f***ing awesome. And Google drive sounds promising.

  7. How about using torrents instead? Share the burden! How much bandwidth can a miniskirt spread over 1,000s of readers take up anyway? (Wait, that sounds funny.)

  8. yeah I have been burnt so many times

    latest sob story is Pinterest deleted my account. luckily I did a backup thing

    the new version of Photobucket is lame and I have to pay for extra bandwidth