Found Photos #11

This is a totally random collection of photographic odds and ends that I found interesting.  Nothing to write home about, but definitely worth a look.  These are pictures that I've collected from various sources (flea market finds, yearbooks, magazine or newspaper clippings,etc.) that I'm not quite sure the context, but deserve some attention nonetheless.  Enjoy.

Speaking as a beer connoisseur, this picture stirs up profound emotions within my soul.  How I'd love to peel back the pop-tops to each and every brew on this Wall of Glory.

Obviously a former beauty queen, now punching buttons on the brand new Information Processing System.  Odd that she would have a picture of herself on her desk though, isn't it?

I'm not near as interested in the vintage auto as I am the billboard with giant head proclaiming "HAM! BACON! SAUSAGE!"

Perhaps it's just my jaded mind playing tricks on me again, but does it seem like that mascot is furiously masturbating?

Thanksgiving isn't exactly a clarion call to party; however, after seeing this picture I'm kind of inspired to kick Turkey Day up a notch.

I have probably 10,000 pictures like this: Awkward couples heavily beset by the fashions of the day.  This needs to be a post unto itself.

Just your average photograph of a bunch of girls at an antique shop. Nothing interesting to see here.... except that several are brandishing weapons.

And speaking of brandishing weapons.... Isn't this romantic?

I'd love to provide some context, but I honestly have no earthly idea.

The note on the back of this photo says it is from a "Rent-A-Kid" auction at Tampa's Franklin Street Mall.  If you promised to hire a kid from Hillsborough County Junior High School during the summer break, you got to have Tarzan and Jane (from Busch Gardens) for a few hours.  I'm sure all the local perverts felt very charitable on that day.

I have no idea who these two girls are, but I can totally tell that's One Day at a Time on the TV.

I could comment on the woman who is presumably Vito's daughter, but I would be stating the obvious, so I'll move along.

This is just a magazine clipping but, frankly, it's one of my favorite photos.  I think it captures the early eighties concert vibe perfect - kind of trashy, but a perfect venue for America's wasted youth to act the fool and have fun.  If you've ever seen Heavy Metal Parking Lots you can catch a glimpse of what it was like; however, that was only the hard rock niche.  The concert above could easily be Ambrosia or Survivor.

This just seems surreal.  It looks like a down-home deli - so, what's with the table legs?

This photo has "1965 Florida State University Student Circus" on the back.  Was that a thing?  College I went to didn't have a student circus - how about yours?



  1. AnonymousJuly 13, 2013

    Vito's. Daughter. Holy. Shit.

  2. AnonymousJuly 13, 2013

    I think Vito's daughter has balloons tucked in her shirt, but still quite a cutie.

    I'd like to know why the last girl is posing with the mastodon mandible though.

  3. Vito's daughter looks like she has balloons inside her blouse. As for the table legs, mannequin manufacturer that decided to go into furniture? Definitely a unique look.
    FSU Student Circus:http://circus.fsu.edu/

  4. "Joe" definitely has a pancake eating grin on his face!

  5. I would think that possibly Vito is Joe's dad, since "Me" doesn't call him dad, and I see a possible resemblance the other way. Maybe.

  6. AnonymousJuly 13, 2013

    Pic #14 is totally from an April Wine concert.

  7. AnonymousJuly 13, 2013

    The sponsor of this blog seems to have a problem with ladies holding firearms and being photographed. Must be a leftist gun-graber type. I'm a female and I'm offended at the blogger's anti-gun attitude. Maybe he or she can afford 24/7 professional armed protection. I can't, so I conceal carry my own firearm, and I am well versed in how to use it too.
    BTW, those girls were not "brandishing" the weapons, they were simply posing with them.

    1. For chissakes anonymous. I graduated the police academy in 1998 and qualified with my Glock for the following 15 years. I was being lighthearted, I didn't actually think they meant to fire upon someone. Quit making everyone who carries a firearm seem like a twitchy nutcase.

  8. Loving these photos especially the one of the beauty queen - look at her hairdo!

  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FSU_Flying_High_Circus
    See the above for more information about The FSU circus program.

    So many amazing photos. Found Photos is one of my favorites of your posts.

  10. Wisconsin Club! There's a beer I haven't heard of in ages. I have a can in my collection.

    That Thanksgiving is a lot hotter than the Brady's Thanksgiving play, especially with the center pilgrim chick pulling up her dress like that.

    I'm hoping the "One Day at a Time" fans were warming up some pancakes along with their toes.

  11. The giant head on the billboard belongs to Andy Griffith. It was an advertisement for a line of products called Andy Griffith's Country Breakfast, that were sold only in the Carolinas. The line also included canned beans and black eyed peas.

  12. The "antique store" is probably just an old-fashioned hardware store and everything in the picture is what they sold. Except the young ladies. Probably.

  13. I agree that Vito is probably Joe's dad. He's got that "Look at the knockers my boy gets to play with" look all over his face. A man should raise his son to out-achieve him, so of course he's proud.