Vintage Gams #4: Gamtastic Chorus Girls

As you all know, the further I get from the seventies, the further I get from my comfort zone.  The golden age of the chorus line is certainly a long ways from the Solid Gold Dancers, so I won't proclaim myself an expert on the subject.  However, it just wouldn't be right to have a series of posts devoted to vintage gams and not pay tribute to the chorus line.  I mean, is there anything in the world more "gam centric" than this?  Whether it's The Rockettes, The Ziegreld Girls, or MGM musical dancers - it's all about the "stems".

Please note that one man's "chorus girl" is another man's "showgirl" is another man's "can-can dancer".  Let's not get hung up on labels.  You get what I'm going for - girls up on stage, dancing and flashing their gams. 


  1. It's too bad they didn't invent sex until the 1960s. Some of these babes may have been good at it.

  2. I love the photo of George Burns. Pic below his looks like Angela Lansbury. If so she was sure a looker back then.

  3. AnonymousJuly 27, 2013

    That isn't George Burns. It's band leader Ben Bernie. That does look like Angela Lansbury, though.

    Glad to see Wheeler & Woolsey on this site at last (photo on right; second photo level down from top). It's from DIPLOMANIACS (1933).

  4. AnonymousJuly 27, 2013

    You even snuck in a photo from XANADU!

  5. I'd swear that's Majel Barrett of Star Trek fame in one of those shots.