Cinema #30: Killer Lobby Cards (Part 7)

Get ready for another rapid-fire drill-down of those glorious vintage lobby cards.  There'll be some that you're pretty familiar with... but then, many others that I'm sure won't ring a bell.  Retrospace is all about treading on the less traveled path back in time, and lobby cards are no exception.  Got an obscure comedy? Great.  Is it German soft-core? Even better.

Grip of the Strangler (1958) AKA The Haunted Strangler
A Boris Karloff movie.  Last I checked, you can watch the whole thing for free at IMDb.

Truck Turner (1974)
Blaxploitation film starring Isaac Hayes. Required viewing for Retrospace readers.

When Women had Tails (1970)
Despite the lobby card, this Italian flick is a must miss.  .

The Tingler (1959)
Stephen King talks about this film in one of my favorite books, Danse Macabre.  The book dissects everything from the literary (i.e. Dracula) to the schlock (i.e. X-The Man with X-Ray Eyes).  I don't know why King hasn't done more non-fiction cultural analyses.  I've read it three times.

Diaboliquement vôtre (1967) AKA Mit teuflischen Grüssen

Halloween II (1981)
Interesting that the Spanish version of the movie was called "Blood Thirsty"

Octopussy (1983)
Do you get the impression the filmmakers are using beautiful women to help sell their movie?  Nah.

Fright Night (1985)
Who would have known that this girl (Amanda Bearse) would go on to play a character like Marcy on Married.... with Children.  A great movie, pointlessly remade in 2011.

Succubus (1967) AKA Necronomicon - Geträumte Sünden
A Jess Franco movie I haven't seen, although it's on my list.  Franco was a perv.  But he was a perv that liked trippy 60's jazz scores, batshit crazy storylines, and smoking hot babes.

McVicar (1980)
The British answer to Escape from Alcatraz.  You wouldn't know it's a prison movie by the lobby card.  Once again, I'm getting the feeling the filmmakers are trying to use sex to sell their movie.  Nah.

Victory March (1976)
I've heard this film is an artsy drama directed by an Italian Communist.  I think I'll take a rain-check on this one.  Although, the gal on the lobby card does raise my curiosity.

King Kong (1976)
I had a cherished poster of this film above my bed when I was a kid.  I was too lame to have a Jessica Lang poster - nope, it was Kong straddling the Twin Towers.

Heavy Metal (1981)
An interesting combination of adult oriented animation and, for some odd reason, the cast of SCTV as voice actors (?).

Enter the Dragon (1973)
One of my favorite moments in The Office (BBC version) is the banter between Gareth and Simon (the computer guy) regarding this film.
“You know when he's fighting Chuck Norris in Enter the Dragon?”
“You've not seen that?”
“Have you not, I can’t... that is a classic.”
“No, I’ve not seen him fight Chuck Norris in Enter the Dragon, I’ve seen him fight Chuck Norris in Way of the Dragon.”
“Ah, that’s what I meant, that's what I meant.”
“Is it? Why did you say have you seen him fight Chuck Norris in Enter the Dragon? He fight’s Bob Wall in both, but Norris is only in Way of the Dragon.”
“Yeah, I know, so when he’s fighting Chuck Norris-”
“In what?”
“In Way of the Dragon.”
“Correct. At last.”

The China Syndrome (1979)
This movie was the talk of the town when it came out, but really hasn't maintained the respect and following over time.  Like a lot of dramas from around this time which received critical acclaim and massive amounts of buzz (i.e. Kramer vs. Kramer, Yentl, On Golden Pond), they don't have much to offer your standard 2013 audiences. Thus, genre films from this period (i.e. Halloween, Alien) have much more longevity than heralded dramas.  I guess that's a fact that still holds true today.

Prince of the City (1981)
This is supposed to be a pretty kick ass film.  I probably should add this to my queue.

The Cat o' Nine Tails (1971)
Love me some giallo.  Always with an animal reference - an interesting trope.  My favorites are Black Belly of the Tarantula and The Bird with the Crystal Plumage.

Twins of Evil (1971)
This Hammer film blew my mind when I first saw it on VHS back in the eighties. I thought I was watching a classy British period piece until the twins started taking their clothes off toward the end.  I wasn't as well-schooled back then on Hammer's penchant for titties. It through me for a loop - a loop I was more than happy to take.

Diamonds are Forever (1971)

Buio Omega (1979) AKA Beyond the Darkness, Buried Alive, Demencia
I rented this back in the eighties and had to take 9 showers just to wash the guilt away.  Creepy, nihilistic feeling throughout, with a naked chick having her organs removed and another girl chopped into pieces on the bathroom floor.  A mean spirited foray into necrophilia.  You'll probably enjoy it, but you won't feel good about it.  You'll feel even worse when you re-watch it.

Carry On Dick (1974)
The Carry On films were getting tired by this point. With a title like this, you would think it was a sure thing.  However, the Carry On franchise probably should have been retired a few years earlier.

King, Queen, Knave (1972)
That's Gina Lollobrigida for those who want to know, and her nephew is thinking "bad thoughts" about her.  I recommend you skip the movie and read Nabokov's book instead.

Unterm Dirndl wird gejodelt (1973) AKA The Erotic Adventures of Heidi
Click here for another lobby card from this classic family movie. And another.

Bettkanonen (1973) AKA The Swinging Swappers
Click here for another lobby card from this inspirational masterpiece.  And another.

Not Now, Darling (1973)
Madcap British farce.  If the quote below is your kind of humor, this movie is for you.
Commissionaire: Morning, Miss Whittington.
Miss Whittington: Good morning, Frank.
Commissionaire: You're a bit late.
Miss Whittington: I'm all behind today.
Commissionaire: And quite a bit in front, too, eh?
Miss Whittington: Cheeky!

Expresso Bongo (1959)
Starring the British Elvis, Cliff Richard.  Blows the mind that dancers in pasties were onscreen in this fifties music flick. According to IMDb, there were two versions of this film: the scene above in a Soho nightclub was only in the "export version".

Andl, last but not least, the German lobby card at the top of this post is an Italian movie fittingly called Puzzle.(1974).


  1. Laurence Harvey was in a couple of these films...
    Why no caption for Diamonds are Forever? Connery's gaze DEMANDS one.
    I thought that was Delon in Diabolically Yours; it merits a single sentence in its WIkipedia entry.
    Agree totally with your regard for Danse Macabre by the way.

  2. "When Women Had Tails" is one of my favorite Italian Caveman Sex-Comedies of all time! Definitely in my top 100 of Italian Caveman Sex-Comedies, for sure!

  3. Wow new template! Very blogspotty...

    1. I agree, it's kind of a "yawn" template, but I tried to spice it up by having a different blog header every time you load the page anew. As far as getting a template I'm satisfied with.... I've been unimpressed since 2008.

    2. I don't have anything better, it is the content that matters anyway.

  4. I dunno, The China Syndrome still holds my attention all through the film.

  5. Truck Turner also stars Yaphet Kotto and Scatman Crothers! I've got to find this movie!

    McVicar stars Roger Daltrey of The Who. I've got the soundtrack album but haven't seen the movie.

    I too had King Kong posters, none with Lange.

  6. Wow.......... I remember seeing "Twins of Evil" at the theatre in what? 1971?
    Was my first look at full frontal -- Got a great tits and crotch shot when Cushing throws the chick on the bed in her see thru nightie!!

    Good times..........

  7. Re: King Kong remake-Dynamite had an awesome 3-d one that I had above my bed for a long time- again, just kong on the building- no Jessica Lange in 3-d

  8. Enjoyed this article, but you didn't do THE TINGLER justice! William Castle at his best, Vincent Price is excellent too. Should also be required viewing!

  9. Amanda Bearse also turned out to be gay.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that, just saying.

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  11. "Prince of the City" is an intense film and features some of the best acting you'll ever see. I recommend it wholeheartedly (that lobby card features an extraneous scene that isn't very representative of the film).

    I also agree with you about "Danse Macabre".