Mini Skirt Monday #162: Group Photos (Part 2)

We hit the group photo theme back in Miniskirt Monday 97; as far as images go, there are pros and cons. The 'pro' being that you've got a buttload of miniskirts to look at.... the 'con' being that their harder to see.  It's a textbook instance of quantity over quality.  Still, I feel the subject could use a sequel.  So, here it is - enjoy 50 more group photos!


  1. Suddenly I feel transported back to high school!

  2. So let's take a closer look at the pro and cons of the group photo as it impacts on our enjoyment of Mini-skirt Monday:
    Con: As you say the images of the girls are smaller.
    Pro: More girls.
    Con: That one cute girl is always in the third row or behind the couch, etc.
    Pro: Plenty of cute girls in the front row or sitting on the couch.
    Con: Photos are posed, contrived and predictable.
    Pro: I can live with that.
    Con: Sorry all out of cons.
    Pro: Multiple opportunities for upskirts (if you are interested in that sort of thing).
    Pro: If you enjoy vintage fashion this is a goldmine.
    Pro: A nice trip down memory lane.
    Pro: A girl for every taste.
    Con: OK I thought of one more con here. Need more girls of color and handicapped girls but that's a product of the age.
    Pro: A great way to start the week. Thanks Pete.

  3. Dang, all those girls blocking the view of that Corvette.

  4. and, 90+% are NOT overweight... as we sadly have today. Yeah, takes ME back to high school daze as well. Thanks ever so much!

    1. and no body parts are pierced and not a tattoo in sight.

    2. Amen to both of these statements.

  5. Lovely feminine girls wearing skirts, not jeans.


  6. I wonder what the deal is with #43. Staff of a very small school, with the janitor and the shop teacher on the left?

  7. Well, everybody's already commented most of what I had to say, except, what a great time to be a young man or woman. Wholesomeness is wholersomer... uh... wholersome?... when there's a hint of sexuality, as there typically was in the 70s. Contrary to the doomsayers of the 80s, the Victoria's Secret Catalog and "jiggle tv" did NOT touch off "an epidemic of anorexia", rather we went the other way. Who'd'a thunk it?

    Uh... what Corvette?

  8. 19. I'm going to figure that this is a group of teachers, many of whom are pretty cute.

  9. Why teachers? Being that they're all about the same age, it would make more sense to think that they're a group of college girls, perhaps a sorority.