Twisted Impressions #18

It's time once again to put your mind in the gutter.  "Twisted Impressions" is a place where it's okay to see penises where there are none; where everything is sexual, dirty, and wrong.  Sigmund Freud himself would blush at some of phallic interpretations.  But it's all in good-natured fun.

I'll let you figure out on your own what today's theme deals with.  Enjoy.

I maybe wouldn't have thought anything of this seemingly innocent breath test..... were it not for the sly awkward smile of the police officer.

The chef likes what he sees.

You cannot convince me that Nice'n'Easy didn't intentionally kick this ad up a notch with some oral subtext.



  1. Although this is a marvelous post, it is a sin and unconscionable to not post mini skirts on Mini Skirt Monday.

    I will now go lock myself in my room until next Monday. :(

  2. No wonder so many of us prefer Mary Ann over Ginger.

  3. Gilligan, I have a confession. Once I got over the disappointment of no mini skirt Monday, I decided to check out the Twisted Impressions series.

    Amazingly funny. Brilliant, a case could be made for superiority over the mini skirt posts. I'm shocked and surprised to be saying this blasphemy.

    But, I noticed something. Please don't ban me from your wonderful blog.

    Today's post, although hilarious, reminds me of one of those compilation/ retrospective clip shows of Three's Company or our favorite show. The one you'd run in the summer for those of us not vacationing on Martha's Vineyard.

    Gilligan, are you guilty of a special episode of Twisted Impressions? :)

    Either way, I'm a new fan. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the positive words. I figure there's a few of these that have popped up on Retrospace before. Sorry for the rehash - I always hated those flashback episodes.

      Yeah, I've gotten some complaints on the lack of Miniskirt Monday. Let's just say, after the kick to the solar plexus by Google Ads recently, it may take me a while to recuperate. Until I can stand up, wipe the dust off, and resume making new posts, there won't be new Miniskirt Mondays. I've got a few posts in the queue, but haven't written anything new since the Google kibosh.

      I'll be done feeling sorry for myself soon, I promise. I just need a little time before stepping back in the saddle I think.

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    1. Speaking of pancakes... check out the next post!

  5. OK, where did the science experiment illustration come from? Not an actual mid-century publication for kids, I take it. That's hilarious.