Vintage Reads #48: Even More Paperback Sleaze

We've been looking at paperbacks of ill repute for five straight years and still are only scratching the surface. At this pace we should reach the end of sleazy books by the year 2355.  It is my hope that my great great grandchildren will carry the Retrospace torch for me when I'm gone..... at least until my cryogenically frozen head can re-animate and resume command.

We've got a lot of ground to cover in the ensuing decades, so let's not waste any time.  Onward!

This gal reminds me of Nadine on Twin Peaks.  I'll also mention that Robert Slatzer has a certain degree of notoriety due to his claim that he was married to Marilyn Monroe for three days.  He wrote a book (or two) about it.

Fact or Fiction? This cover was illustrated by William Alexander, the mentor of the one and only Bob Ross (The Joy of Painting).  My sources tell me "fact".

What a bargain!  Although, they must have the double novels backwards - wouldn't "passion found" logically precede "maidenhood lost"? Perhaps not.

There's a fairly famous picture of Debbie Harry (Blondie) reading this book.  Although, Cleo's rival looks less like Blondie than it does Elizabeth Taylor.

Also, I can't help myself: "Where orgies was a sport" - should read "Where orgy was a sport" or "Where orgies were a sport".

So, Henry gets a masters degree and decides to write a scholarly work on housewives who invite rape.... fully illustrated.  Simply amazing.  Surely this ranks among the most painfully awful books every written.... at least until Dan Brown and Nicholas Sparks.

Beeline would have you believe these are two classic works by two separate authors (Perry Verihard and Stu E. Boy.... yeah, right), but we know better.  Consider this one novel - with what is easily among the best titles in literary history.  My hall of fame:
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
As I Lay Dying
The Grapes of Wrath
A Clockwork Orange
Catcher in the Rye
Alas, Babylon!
Lord of the Flies
Lustin and Teasin', She Needs Some Pleasin'

I was curious about this one, so I looked it up and found this comment by the author...
The second in a series that was destined never to go any further. I actually wrote a third, called Ward Bobb Goes Women's Lib. where  I took it more into Realist-type satire, but the book never came out, and somewhere along the line I lost the manuscript.

"The Golden Girls: A novel of three in flight from conventional morality"

Those three wouldn't happen to be Betty White, Bea Arthur, and Rue McClanahan, would it?

This one intrigued me because it appeared to be anonymously written in the Victorian era.  Could this be some long suppressed treasure to rival D.H. Lawrence? Nope.  It actually takes place in the 70's... within the first few pages the chick is using a Diner's Club Card - a dead giveaway this wasn't going to be Victorian erotica.

Oddly enough, this book did turn out to be more of what I expected from the previous book. Pierre Lou├┐s (P.L.) was a turn of the century erotic author and friend of Oscar Wilde.  Supposedly, he took over 10,000 nude photographs.  This book was published in 1926, a year after his death.

That cover features a genuinely odd description - it's more the ramblings of a madman than plot summary.  "sports jackets from hollywood (?) low necked gowned dolls (what the hell?), eager-young-violence-ready to explode (huh?).  This is some messed up shit, with an obvious disdain for capitalization.

The Sexual Strike Force "battles violence with sex, hate with love, death with life"..... ugh.  I think I've reached my limit.  Better take a break before we press on with more paperback trash.  Until then!


  1. Yes, great in a tawdry, vaguely queasy way. :D

  2. The funny thing is that if "Sexual Strike Force" was actually what it claimed to be one the cover, then it'd join the canon of High-Sex-Weirdness literature alongside legit classics like "The Illuminatus! Trilogy" and Grant Morrison's "The Filth".

  3. There is a movie version of The Hellcats. It was even used on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  4. Something tells me that there's going to be a happy little bush in William Alexander's painting.

    So where's the uncensored version of Housewives Who Invite Rape? Only because I'm a purist.

  5. "Sexual Strike Force "battles violence with sex, hate with love, death with life..... "

    I use to see theses types of books all the time, at airports, in Drug Stores, at the 7-11. Now, nothing. What ever happen to trashy pulp fiction? Can you get these on Kindle?

    Great post.

  6. Sinful Cowboy has cover art by Robert Bonfils.