Just for Laughs #8: Framed Fumetti for Your Home

Your home is an opportunity to express yourself in all your many moods. Ease your decorating confusion with one of these ready-framed adult fumetti painting options for a great look. Providing you beautifully matched frames and hand painted fumetti art ready to hang on your wall. Find your style or a loved ones from Erotic to Horrific for any occasion: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, etc. These unique gifts will be admired for years to come by friends and family.

Each day will be more pleasant with den art and home office art that awakens your mind and inspires your creativity.Crime and violence paintings bring the ambiance of the city into the room. The bright colors and thought-provoking images will break up any monotonous work environment.

For those that prefer artwork that is thought provoking, choose an oil painting from the Alien Assault Collection - it's perfect for an intimate bedroom space.

Your den or library should be a place where you can curl up and read a good book or finish work at your desk. We suggest you complement this arrangement with a fumetti painting that parallels that color scheme.

Adult Fumetti Paintings should be used to make a lasting impact. Choose from artists who use bold colors and appropriate subject matter that stands out and creates a talking point. Create a small and intimate dinner area for family or enrich a larger space where you hold dinners for large parties.

Whether you're cooking three meals a day or just occasionally show up to make a cup of coffee, your kitchen d├ęcor should at least be completed with your favorite adult fumetti painting. Obviously subject matter that includes food and wine will always be popular, but adding an original adult fumetti to your kitchen can add an extra element of depth and focus.

Bare walls can make a room room feel empty and lifeless, but you can reinvigorate them with our collection of fumetti art specially selected to add warmth or give your room some style. Whatever your designs goals are, our adult fumetti collection has an painting that will complete the look of any room.

Adding an adult fumetti artwork is an excellent way to add warmth and personality to the room. Quality artwork implies taste and success, and will instantly make newcomers feel comfortable and at ease in your environment. Purchase one today!


  1. Awesome post! I noticed a trend in some of these that may need more research, and it doesn't involve the half naked women: the double fist punch! I am not familiar with this particular pugilistic move, bit apparently it was darn effective for both knocking leather guy off your girl (#4) and knocking your enemy into a shark tank (I think) (#6)...

    1. Paul McCartney: master of the double fist shark tank punch.

  2. What the hell.... where on earth did you FIND these?!

  3. These are fantastic, and hysterically displayed. Tip top stuff Gill!

  4. Haha, love the commentary! I will take one of each!

  5. Yes, "Starving Artists" will have theses and other couch size paintings all on sale for under $49.88 this Sunday only at the Pea Soup Anderson's on State Route 77 in Middle town.

    Bring the kids as there will be clowns, balloons and hot dogs for sale. We discount everything that goes on here!