Mini Skirt Monday #165: Minis On Hold

Well, I've delivered up a heavenly hash of miniskirts nearly 164 consecutive weeks, and finally it's time to put it on hold.  Not forever - just for the next month or so.

I agree, it was a damn good way to start the week, and Miniskirt Monday was always popular.  So, why pull the plug? A couple reasons.

First, I'm running out of miniskirt mojo. Putting together the themes has been somewhat tortuous lately.  The idea of a "pleated mini", "paisley mini", "leather mini" or "denim mini" post just isn't doing it for me.  And the "minis and couples", "minis on album covers", "minis in the classroom" etc. themes have just gotten.... well, played out.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so maybe the mojo will return.

Second, I'm still really, really, really pissed about Google pulling the ads from Retrospace.  I should probably suck it up and get over it, but it is really sticking in my craw.  Thus, my motivation to create posts as often as I used to is just not there.  If I find the desire to post twice a week, it's doubtful it'll be a miniskirt post each time, if you catch my drift.

So, this is just a long way of telling you that Miniskirt Monday is on break.  Have no fear, it shall return.


  1. From Li Kwai Kwat:
    The internet, like a bellows,
    Is always emptying, always full:
    The more it yields, the more it holds.
    Men come to their wit's end arguing about it
    And had better check out Linda Hayden.

    Does the loss of Google Ads mean you won't have to put Gazoos over the nipples?

  2. I got a warning from Adsense also. Mine had to do with the way the ad was displayed. I guess. It wasn't real clear, but I only had 72 hours to do something about it, and I got the email Friday before Labor Day weekend, when I was heading to my mother-in-law's house with no internet. The nearest I could figure was that I didn't clearly define the difference between Google ads and someone else's. I fixed that and still have the Adsense, so I guess that was it. It was a rather frustrating experience.

    I understand how external factors can sap your joy. I feel like I'm cruising along, not eagerly posting like I used to.

  3. I dislike that they gave you zero warning.

  4. Stay strong bra, don't give up. I love this site!

  5. We thank you for your past efforts and shall be grateful for any further posts. You rock.

  6. I don't know how you kept it up this long. Great stuff. Maybe consider a Retrospace Fans Page of miniskirts... zillions of us MUST have some old photo out there. Could be a good potpourri of miniskirts, with comparatively low maintenance. Did I actually use the word "potpourri"? Yeah. I did. Also, I'll click through here anytime I'm looking for something on Amazon.