Needlework A-Go Go #33: 1975-1976

I think I'm in love.

Oscar Wilde once said "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."  Well, seventies fashion was so imaginative that it has been derided and laughed for the past 30+ years.  I think it's time we look at it with fresh eyes and realize our current day's "fashion" (if that's even what it can be called) is so blah and forgettable that perhaps we shouldn't be casting stones.

So, here's another edition of needlework fashion.  Just some scans from various needlework mags I've accumulated.  This time, try to put aside preconceived notions, and maybe - just maybe - you'll look at seventies fashion as if for the first time and say, "you know, this stuff is actually pretty cool".  Score 1 for Retrospace.

McCall's Needlework magazine Spring-Summer 1976

From Ladies Home Journal Needle & Craft magazine Fall-Winter 1975

Aren't these nick-nacks just adorable?  (And by "adorable" I mean "terrifying") 


  1. Oh, I remember those craft kits (from the 9th picture)- they were fun (looks like a trip to Michaels is in my future).

    I like the silk print pants in the first picture (but not so tight in the crotch - yikes)

    But yeah, as hokey as some of the 70s fashions were, I think there were just as many styles that were really cool. (Also in agreement about today's 'fashions' *yawn*)

  2. After I wrote this I wasn't going to publish it. But, then I thought, "what the hell, why not".

    I agree that 70's fashion is worth taking a second look at. In my mind I have a hard time separating the fashion of the 70's from the lack of aggression (attitude) of the 70's. In todays world so many guys are trying so hard to look tough and "hard" that it seems like most guys are foregoing just having fun and enjoying life.

    As a kid growing up in the 70's, I miss that lack of attitude. There was an ability for men, and women, to be more easy going and enjoy life. I have tried to step back in time to the 70's in my life. Not all the way because some modern gadgets such as, computers, cell phones, etc., are sort of necessary, especially with kids. It would be unfair to them not to allow them the ability to understand and use modern technology. And, I am more aware/ protective of my kids than it seems parents were in the 70's (knowing where they go, who with and making them aware of the wackos in the world). However, my job is to be thier parent not their friend.

    As a parent I try to foster that attitude, or lack thereof, of not taking life so seriously that you miss life as it goes by. Consequently, walking into my house is like stepping back in time, except for the modern tv's and gadgets, and looking at my wife and I (kids too to an extent, Star Wars, Atari and The Brady Bunch are very popular in my home) you would think that we are an anachronism in our clothing and hair. My wife quit her career as a Chemical Engineer and is a stay-at-home mom. She does a lot of the things moms did back then, ie. take care of the house, crafts, help with homework, cook family meals every night but Saturday night (Saturday night we get take out), etc.. 70's fashion is fun and just seems to ease lifes stresses down a notch.

    I know that all of this babble amounts to nothing but I thought I would share why I think that 70's fashion was more than just clothes. It represents a different, maybe a golden age, in American values and attitudes (not that 70's values were all that wholesome, just more balanced).

    Attitude wise I have intentionally tried to step my family back in time. Even going so far as to intentionally buy a house built in 1973 that is pretty much a time capsule. I really think my family is happier for it.

    I know that people probably think we're weird. Truth is, we are, and I'm okay with that.

    1. I agree. There was an unpretentious attitude about fashion back in the 70s that seems to be missing today (or is it just me?). The needlework stuff is great in that it screams "Let's just have fun with this".

  3. I think '75-76 was where 70s fashions started spiralling out of control, mostly with knitwear and flares. It would be another year before hairstyles on women started to get ridiculous; a situation not brought back under control until 1990.

    There's never been a better time until now to play it safe with fashion. However, there are still notable cringeworthy items that will come back to haunt people in the decades to come.

    There's the fashion for young men to wear jeans that are too small and sag at the crotch to suggest that you've had to borrow your girlfriend's jeans until you can get home to change. And there are some women who still persist in wearing a skirt over trousers not realising that it makes the lower half of the body look massive.