Viva VHS #14: Dirty Movies

"Watch Whatever Whenever" - for men, this was a Clarion Call that it was now time to watch dirty movies in your living room.  No matter what the cost, this was going to happen.  The video revolution was born thanks to a little disposable income and a lot of libido.

No longer would you have to hit the seedy theater in the bad part of town; however, you still had to make the "walk of shame" past the beaded curtain in your local video rental store.  There was nothing discrete about it.  In order to rent an "adult movie", you had to enter a separate part of the store which may as well have been labeled "Perverts Only".

Once Blockbuster took over the market, the adult videos were phased out, becoming the sole domain of sex shops and mail order.  Satellite TV and pay-per-view were also means to an end; but the poor dirty VHS movie had seen its Golden Age come and go.

I'd love to say these movies were great to watch with a room full of Playboy Bunnies, but truth be told it was often a solo venture.  Personally, I enjoy good exploitation flick and am perfectly comfortable with a heaping helping of Euro Sleaze; however, I truthfully have never been much of a porno fan.  That being said, I have made my own "walk of shame" into the adults only room at the local video store on more than one occasion.

Here's a bunch of VHS box covers of films that could have been on those shelves. Not all porno, but definitely of the adult variety. As always, I like to keep Retrospace free of nudity; however, the content ain't exactly Anne of Green Gables.  Enjoy.

A "Masterpiece" home video release in "Hi-Fi Stereo"!  Harry Reems, the guy from Deep Throat stars, so you know it's a quality picture.  I think this originally was a 12 part miniseries on the BBC. I could be wrong.

Baronesses are always strict bitches.  Just once I want to see an exploitation movie about a baroness who's cheerful and easy going.

"Honey, I'm home!... er, what the -?"  The way all women should greet their husbands after a hard days work.

In a perfect world, this would be the standard uniform for nurses.  Damn you, scrubs!

"Do you know that women's libbers are planning to take over the world?"  The women's lib thing was something to be feared by many a 1970's male.  Just ask Ron Burgundy.

"Johnny Wadd" has to be the best porn name in history.

Jack Palance was a true badass.  I've seen this movie - it's nowhere near pornography, but not exactly something I'd expect to see on ABC Family either.

"These girls put the 'X' in Exercise" is fine.  But, I think the tagline "These chicks put the "F" in Fitness" would've been better.  

Justin Hayward must be so proud his song was adapted to film.


  1. "In a perfect world, this would be the standard uniform for nurses."

    You may want to qualify that statement... maybe some selective exclusions for male nurses, nurses over a certain age or weight, etc etc. ...or whatever, I'm not judging you.

    1. Good point. A big beefy male nurse in this outfit would not be a good thing. But then, in "a perfect world" there wouldn't be male nurses - only voluptuous blondes. So maybe I don't need a qualifier.

  2. Is it any wonder that Blockbuster is long gone and the ironically named Family Video, which still has the "back room", is still plugging along? You can't hide that Latex/anal/squirting pay-per-view film on the cable bill from Momma, but no one needs to be the wiser when renting a DVD with cash.

  3. Aaah, I miss the days of the video stores and the curtained off section of Adult movies. People would come out of there with a look of shame! LOL!

  4. AH! Franco Nero in an erotic thriller!? No, he's Django for goodness sakes....side note Christopher Lee is also in "The Girl"...side side note imdb.com has the plot keywords for "The Girl" listed as "sex on a kitchen table, child abuse and teenage nudity

  5. Here is Springfield Mo, one of the video stores had a door with a loud creak that would put the one on the old radio show Inner Sanctum to shame.

  6. And does anyone remember how much those early video machines cost? My first VCR came from Curtis Mathes and set me back a painful $599. This was the early 1980's. It was still working when I sold it to a co-worker years later. What I remember most was the weight. I'd be willing to bet cash money the Sony in the ad above would tip the scales at 30 lbs. or better....

  7. The most I spent on a VCR was about $400, but it was an editing VCR with a flying erase head and a jog/shuttle control.

    Ah, the old days of porn. I'm afraid these were a little before my time though.

  8. Debby Does Dallas was probably the first porno I ever saw. And compared to 1980s Playboy magazines, I thought the "actresses" looked pretty plain. Maybe that was the movie's appeal - ?

    One of the great mysteries of that era was whatever happened to the star, Bambi Woods. Virtually nothing is known about her to this day, not even her real name.


    Since her stage name was never trademarked, another 40-ish model named Debra DeSanto of Pierre, South Dakota registered BambiWoods.com. But she never expressly claims to be THE Debbie.

  9. Bambi, from what I've read on the internet, goes by the name Barbara Woodson, is happily married now and a mom, so she has obvious reasons for remaining 'below the radar'. Movies like Debbie Does Dallas, Behind the Green Door and Deep Throat (which I still haven't seen) were pretty much a "right of passage" for guys like us. What I remember is that transitional period between the late 70's and early 80's, with stars like Seka, Annette Haven, Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn and others.

    1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2014


  10. One of my favorites from 80's was called "Dick Of Death" it even had this hoaky theme song with these back-up singers singing "D.O.D, Dick Of Death"...LOL!

  11. AnonymousJuly 09, 2014

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