Album Covers #41: Side B Track 3

Just for the hell of it, I thought I'd sift through a stack of old records, post their glorious cover art, and list the third track on side B of each record.  Why? This is the Internet -  Do we really need a reason?

Of course, there's the required snarky commentary by yours truly - so there's that value bonus.  Who will win the award for best Side B Track 3 title?  Continue on faithful reader...

Taka Boom 1979
Side B Track 3 "Dance Like You Do At Home"

Trust me, Taka Boom, you don't want me to dance like I do at home.  At least in public I have some sense of shame; at home, all bets are off.  Other great tracks from Taka Boom (from another album): "To Hell With Him", "Rock Yo' World" and the classic "Pleasure Unit".

Streetwalkers 1975
Side B Track 3 "Burn It Down"

Not a particularly original or interesting title - but did you know their drummer (Nicko McBrain) went on to drum with Iron Maiden? I think it goes without saying, Nicko's album covers were greatly improved with his new band.

Debbie Lori Kaye ‎– Hey Little One! 1966
Side B Track 3 "Lonely Clown"

Maybe he wouldn't be so lonely if you didn't dress him up like your personal doll.  Of course the other dogs don't like him - he looks like a damn fool.

Side B Track 3 "Lonely Soul"

What's with the "lonely" business always being the third track on the flipside?

Side B Track 3: "Mama Gets High"

Don't you just love the constant references to getting high in seventies music? Even John Denver sang about friends around the campfire, everybody's high.  Even him.

Yes, I know "high" didn't necessarily mean smoking grass, more of a state of mind.  But, c'mon.  I was stupid enough to let the Village People's homosexual innuendo fly under the radar back then, but as a wisened old man, I'm onto them now with their marijuana references.  It only took me thirty plus years.

Santa Esmeralda ‎– Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 1978
Side B Track 3 "Black Pot"

Weren't we just talking about this?  One of these days I'm going to do an entire post on veiled (and not so veiled) drug references in music.

What's that?  Don't think this is about drugs?  Here's a snippet of the lyrics - decide for yourself:
Black pot of fire, black pot I'm higher
I see the world spinning 'round now I'm high off the ground
Cook County ‎– Pinball Playboy 1979

Side B Track 3 "Funky Get It"

I really dig the Playboy pinball machine - nice touch.  One of these days, when I can find a file sharing service that won't dick me over, I'll share this album with you.  Side B Track 1 "Olympiad '84" is not to be missed.

Soccer 1979
Side B Track 3 "Ohh Ah Love"

Yes, Soccer is actually the name of the band (and album).  This disco group only lasted long enough to put out this LP.  Not exactly an Exile on Main Street, but it'll do.

Mongo Santamaria ‎– Workin' On A Groovy Thing 1969

Side B Track 3 "Get Back"

Is there even a way to tell how many times Lennon-McCartney songs have been covered?  Back before Beatles royalty fees were so damn expensive, it was not just commonplace, it was a requirement to have at least one Lennon-McCartney track.  Until you start really looking through stacks of vinyl, you can't appreciate how incredibly common it was.

Also, Sharon Tate died in August 1969.... is that her behind Mongo?

Side B Track 3 "Peaches and Prunes"

With such sexy talk on the other tracks (ex. "If I Give You More (Will I Win Your Love)" and "Do Me Tonight") this track seems all the more terrible.  Prunes?  Is there a less sexy fruit?

Side B "Let's Concentrate On Feeling Good"

Okay, I kind of cheated since there's no track three.  However, with a cover like this, I simply had to share.  Plus, what a terrible title for a song.  Lyda is from the Netherlands, so maybe they used a literal English translation rather than something that sounded good.

Jim Grady ‎– Touch Dancin' 1979
Side B Track 3 "Right from the Start"

The poor souls who purchased this album were kicking themselves that they should have known this was going to suck "right from the start".  With an album cover like this, it can't not suck.  Friends, this is why disco died.

Fisc ‎– Handle With Care 1989
Side B Track 3 "Beat the Clock"

Heh heh (laughing to myself)... when I typed the track title above I actually typed "Beat the Crack".  Wonder where my mind was.

Nervus Rex 1980
Side B Track 3 "The Incredible Crawling Eye"

And we have a winner, folks!  By far my favorite SBT3 track.  Congratulations Nervus Rex.  After decades of obscurity, finally it was all worth it.


  1. Not Sharon Tate.

  2. "The Incredible Crawling Eye" sounds like it should be psychedelic, not New Wave. But, it is a great name for a song. Or a band.

  3. I had a few of the Streetwalkers' albums. Inferior to Chapman's old band Family.

  4. Since we are talking about album covers and the placement of tracks, did you ever notice the preponderance of albums, as with the Mongo Santamaria album here, that list the tracks on the cover in a completely different order than they appear on the actual album? i.e "Get Back" is the third track on side two, but is listed last on the cover.

  5. Sitting on top of the Playboy pinball machine is British glamor model Carol Needham, also known as Miss Feb 1979 Lee Ann Michelle.