Mini Skirt Monday #167 : One Among Many

I don't care who you are, there's one - and only one - thing your eyes are centered on in that picture.  Does this woman realize all the men within range are stealing glances?  And how many times have the men that flank her instinctively had their gaze wander in her direction?  Too many to count, I'm sure.

Indeed, the miniskirt exudes a gravitational pull on the male eyeball.  Call it biological or call it a quantum attraction, but don't deny its reality.  And when that room is full of stuffy men in suits smelling of Aqua Velva and other women in long dresses or slacks, that ocular attraction becomes amplified.

In this post, we salute the girls who, alone, donned the mini - much to the delight of the males present, and much to the detriment of the gals who did not.  Lone miniskirt wearing chick - Retrospace salutes you!

With or without the skirt, she was the most popular person in the group. But bring the mini into the equation, and men start behaving strangely.

Maybe you're the type of girl that doesn't care that all the guys flock to the girl in the mini, while your left standing awkwardly in your bell bottom trousers.  Or maybe, just maybe, you do and you'll carry this moment of insecurity with you for the rest of your life.  Miniskirts build self esteem.  [A message brought to you by the Counsel on Youth Self-Esteem Through Using Miniskirts (COYSETUM)].

There's simply no better position for a girl in a miniskirt to be in than to be flanked by two chicks in pants.  If there's any sort of competition going on here, the playing field is not level.

Blondie could've opted for the floor length dress.  Instead, she went for the micro mini-dress.  I approve her decision.

If you have a cigarette lighter nearby, I want you to hold it aloft for the girl on the right end of the bottom row.

Is it me, or does the miniskirted lass just seem happier than everyone else? The other white girl on the end seems to be eyeing her enviously.    The white girl on her right seems genuinely depressed.  (She could undoubtedly use some help from COYSETUM.

(1) dowdy, (2) frumpy, (3) boring, (4) smoking hot, (5) plain, (6) old fashioned, and (7) unflattering.

Taking a picture from below presents certain problems for the miniskirt wearing lady; but it's still better than pants, so the hell with it.

The girl in the mini obviously didn't get the memo that they are all going to dress as unattractively as possible.

I don't know the audience they are speaking to, but I don't need to.  I can tell you that she has their undivided attention.

Let's stop for a moment and admit that the miniskirt isn't for everyone.  You may be at an age where it's not flattering; or, you may have a figure that isn't exactly helped by the leg-revealing mini.  In those cases, all is forgiven.  Just as I don't want to see fat women in bikinis at the beach, I also appreciate it when a lady has the sense to say "no" to the mini when it doesn't suit her.  

No points for guessing who's the most popular person in the A.V. Club.

Wait a sec - looks like we've got competition from Ms. Hot Pants.  Yep, even the all-powerful and everlasting mini can't guarantee you a spot in the limelight when shorty shorts are in the room.  Damn you, hot pants!  

Also, it's important to note that a miniskirt won't automatically win you attention when there's one with a higher hemline in the room.  Thus, hemlines kept rising year after year in a feminine battle to "win" the room... until around 1973-4 when they'd reached as high as they could go.  From there, it was either hot pants or tight pants; the mini had reached its peak and there was nowhere else to go but down.

This girl earns extra points for sticking with the mini on Halloween.  I'm betting her bag is the fullest.




  1. The mini in #27 is having a hard time making up for that face.

  2. Excellent return of the Monday Mini. BTW, I've been leaving some comments it's hit or miss if they show up.

    1. Yes, I've gotten messages saying they have to write a comment eight times before it shows up. This is a problem I hope goes away on its own, because I haven't the slightest idea how to fix it. :( Let me know if it persists. Thanks.

  3. This really hurts!
    Women in the 90s ALMOST had it with wearing retro [mini] dresses from the 70s.
    Then someone had to make bare legs (veins, hair, scars and all) fashionable, even though you had tights maybe hear and there.
    Today; mostly pants, long skirts...or something that looks like it came from the boyfriend or husband's closet.
    I hate being a "sexist pig"!

    1. You're right. It's painful to see what we have lost. What possessed women in the 70s to believe that those goofy bell bottom pants werre a better look than the mini ?

  4. 6: Blondie and the chick to her left are secretly holding hands. That photo is now the best photo you've ever published.

    25: Highest high-waters I've ever seen.

    27: No wonder she looks so depressed - all the guys are either creeps or hippies.

    1. Re 25:Probably an exaggerated effect due to the combination of the slacks material, her plump thighs and the pants clinging to the pantyhose she is wearing under the pants.

  5. The highwaters are on the guy on the right.

  6. The guy laying across everyone in pic 25 seems to have a massive bulge in his trousers. Very impressive. Maybe that is why his pants appear to be highwaters.

  7. Many was the class where the temptation to look was incredible. Must...focus...on...factor...

  8. They are all dead.

  9. Nowadays we see more women dressed in pants. Many beautiful women want to be men in attitude and fashion style. What happens now is very gravely. The women turn into men and men in women. The mini skirts almost entirely disappeared. Where is the femininity?