Retrospace Radio Halloween Rewind

As I've mentioned repeatedly on Retrospace, I was stricken when both Rapidshare and another file sharing company ditched me like a bad habit less than a year ago.  All the files that I'd worked so hard to compile and upload for my loyal readers were gone in a blink of an eye.

Well, you can't keep an obsessive compulsive down for very long.  I'm experimenting with ways to still deliver the goods.  Here's a couple Halloween mixes I put together back in October '11 and '12.  It should download, but I can't find a way to stream it for you yet.  Consider this an experiment.  An experiment in awesomeness.

Posted October 10, 2011
Track List
  1. "Night Gallery" theme (7 seconds only)
  2. Halloween III TV promo
  3. "Cthu Thlu" - Caravan
  4. "Visiting Hours" movie Radio Spot
  5. "Horror Movie" - Skyhook (1975) - (portion of song only)
  6. Woolworth Halloween radio commercial (1978)
  7. "Kolchak - The Night Stalker" TV theme
  8. "Halloween" soundtrack clip (1978)
  9. "Werewolf" - Gary Warren
  10. "H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N Spells Halloween" 
  11. Bobby "Boris" Pickett WCOP Boston radio spot
  12. "The Munsters" TV theme
  13. Clip from "Young Frankenstein"
  14. "Docteur Jekyll Et Monsieur Hyde" - Serge Gainsbourg
  15. Clip from "Scary Spooky Stories" LP 1973
  16. "Rosemary's Baby" theme as sung by Mia Farrow
  17. "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" clip

Posted October 09, 2012
Track List
  1. The Haunted Strangler radio promo
  2. Spooksville - The Nu Trends 1963
  3. Disco Halloween (1 min clip) - Forbidden Fruits 1986
  4. Halloween end theme - John Carpenter
  5. Hey Ho for Halloween = BBC4 promo 1993
  6. Ai margini della follia (Dawn of the Dead ost) - Goblin
  7. Ave Satani - The Omen ost
  8. Astro Zombies radio promo
  9. The Headless Horseman - Bing Crosby with Vic Schoens Orchestra and The Rhythmaires
  10. Werewolf - Five Man Electrical Band 1974
  11. Im Gonna Haunt You - Fred Schneider
  12. Dracula A.D. 1972 main theme
  13. I Was a Teenage Frankenstein radio promo
  14. Soul Dracula - Hot Blood
  15. Phantasm main theme
  16. The Mummy's Ball - The Verdicts
  17. Horror Movie - Skyhooks
  18. Scooby Doo - The Ohio Express
  19. Vampira - Bobby Bare
  20. Boris the Spider - The Kords
  21. Kolchak the Night Stalker TV theme
  22. The Fog main theme - John Carpenter
  23. Horror of Dracula radio promo
  24. Shudders and Screams - Ben Colder
  25. Trick or Treat (Halloween ost) - John Carpenter
  26. It's Halloween - The Shaggs 1969
  27. The Witch Queen Of New Orleans - Redbone
  28. Dracula's Theme - The Ghouls 1964


  1. Why wouldn't they lrt you retrieve your content?

    1. I could retrieve it, so I have all the files. The problem was that all the links were now dead; they were no longer available for file sharing. Frankly, I was tired of this shit, and didn't feel like scoping out yet another file sharing site. I'm using MEGA now. If I get burned again, that's it.

    2. Ahhhh...OK. From what you wrote it sounded like the files were gone.

      Good to hear you didn't lose anything.

      I've got tons of files on various radio equipment, and I keep them backed up on several different media. It took YEARS to gather them all, and since some can't be found anymore, I'm really paranoid about losing them!

  2. Outstanding! As always, a pleasure to share your tastes. Thank you for that, and keep up the great work!

  3. Sweet! I still listen to the old podcasts while riding the train to work. Can't wait to check these out!

  4. I've listened to these six times in two days. Fantastic - thank you!

  5. thank you, Julia hayes