Retrospace Sharity #1: 15 Horror Magazines

Retrospace Sharity is back! (I'm starting back at #1 since all previous sharity posts are dead.) After being cast aside by Rapidshare, another file sharing service has arisen to carry the torch and provide the masses with the retro material they crave.  Sure, we've lost everything from the past 3 to 4 years, but the agony of defeat has only made us stronger (and horribly bitter... but that's neither here nor there).

So, bottom line, here are 15 vintage horror magazines made especially for your downloading pleasure. You're more than welcome, and Happy Halloween!

DOWNLOAD (165 pages!)

I won't take credit for scanning all these magazines (some people get mad when I don't acknowledge this); however, it did take a fair amount of time. Please return the favor by dropping a few greenbacks in the tip jar to keep this train running. Thanks!


  1. I;m receiving an error message on your Monster Times link saying that it cannot download because my hard drive is full (which it very much isn't).

    I compliment you on the impressive selection here, I thought I was pretty well-read in this sort of thing but I have never seen half of these.

    I've been slowly buying old Famous Monsters and Cinefantastique's and doing 300 dpi cover to cover scans. I haven't figured a legit way to get these out, not sure if they are subject to copyright issues or not. I did spot on yesterday on the Internet Archive a Cinefantastique that is newer than anything I've scanned so far which makes me wonder if there's a green light on sharing these out.

  2. Very nice post, gonna link you up on my site House of Horrors, you're already on my blogroll....nice work!

  3. "Illustrated stories of female-filled fantasy"...really,aren't they all? Thanks for getting rid of the Robot-Trap, BTW, Scariest ride in the Retro Carnival.