Just a quick update: Retrospace can now be accessed through retrospace.org (or www.retrospace.org).  I got tired of always having to refer people to this godforsaken URL of my-retrospace.blogspot.com.

Of course, this new URL simply redirects readers to the shitty original URL, but at least we have a domain that's not a ridiculous blogspot address.  I'd love to have gotten rid of it entirely, but there's too much that would be hijacked by moving everything to a new domain.  I would go into the details, but I'm boring myself already, so I'll spare you.

So, pardon this brief interruption.  I just wanted to let you know that if you want to refer anyone to this site, you no longer need to spew out the complicated blogspot URL anymore.  A big thanks to the generous donations from you folks that keep this blog rolling along - I thankfully didn't have to reach into my own pocket to make this happen.  Keep the donations coming - the tip jar is always open.


  1. I demand to know how many banners this site has--they're all cool (and very creative), but where in the hell do you find the time to come up with all those? Do fans make 'em and send them your way?

    1. Nope - I make 'em myself. Really they only take about 5 five minutes apiece. These banners and the post artwork let me release the inner "arteest" that lies dormant during my workday. I was actually an art major my freshman year before transferring to a degree in molecular biology. But that's a long story....

  2. Cool. .org though, not .com? Or has someone already homesteaded the .com?