Vintage Scan #26: A Donnie & Marie Show Script

I found this script at a used bookstore when I was in Salt Lake City in 2011.  It's actually a rather fascinating read - just seeing what the participants on this variety show held in their hands. This particular episode has as its guest stars Dirk Benedict, Debbie Boone and Paul Lynde.  It was the final episode before the show morphed into the mid-season replacement The Osmond Family Show (which didn't last long).

Let's have a look at a few pages, shall we?

The cover states that it was taped on December 8, 1978 with the air date of February 2, 1979.  However, according to the Osmond official site, this episode actually aired on January 19, 1979.

(As always, click on them to view full size)

As everyone knows, Paul Lynde was a staple on variety and game shows.  Dirk Benedict was on Battlestar Galactica as Lt. Starbuck - the show's final episode aired about eight months prior to this Donny & Marie episode.  The A-Team didn't start until 1983.

What follows is the rehearsal and taping schedule.

I was mainly interested in the behind the scenes stuff, but here's a few pages of actual script/dialogue.

Note:  I'm actually selling this item on ebay.  Grab it before it's gone!  


  1. Debbie Boone and Marie Osmond singing the duet "You Can Never Be To Rich Or To Thin" An interesting choice for a song considering the anorexia suffered by Debbie's sister Cheri and by tragically by their mutual friend Karen Carpenter. To this day both Debbie and Marie are pitching anti-aging and weight lose programs.

  2. I sure did enjoy checking out this script, I loved Donny & Marie back in the day! Okay I know this stuff was all cheesily scripted, but its still disconcerting to read these two's dialogue about what they like to chew on...I bet poor Marie didnt come within 10 feet of an actual bologna sandwich during this shows run!

  3. The Donnie & Marie Show was like the highlight of my Friday night as a little kid. My parents used to make me and my sister go to bed after that.