Vintage Scares #33 Horror Movie Newspaper Ads (Part 4)

I enjoy looking at these horror newspaper ads even more than the movie posters.  The posters obviously have superior artwork, but the newspaper ads send me to directly to that time.  A crummy drive-in advertisement takes me there, shows me what movies were playing playing alongside it.  There's a cheesy cliche that I try to avoid on Retrospace, but I think "blast from the past" is a well suited description here.

These ads are bittersweet for me.  I'm sad there isn't anything like this anymore, but it's a fantastic trip to a time when you could your car and watch shitty horror movies till the sun came up.  A time before movies had to weigh in at $100 million in order t to attract the youth market.  The last Pirates of the Caribbean film cost $300 million to make.... Halloween cost $325 thousand.  What the hell has happened?

There's a vicious cycle at work.  Big budgets drove up ticket prices, which put more demands on the producers to make it worth cost to the audience..... which meant even bigger productions..... which led to higher ticket prices which now had to compete against home theaters..... which led to 3D as a last ditch resort to give you a reason to leave your home.

I'm sure there are other factors at work, but somewhere along the way, the low budget horror flick (or any low budget flick for that matter) got left in the dust.  Let's face it, Americans aren't going to drive miles across urban sprawl and shell out wad of cash for a Grade Z horror movie that probably isn't that good.  Those days are long gone.  We might try it on Netflix Instant, but devoting time and cash to see it at a theater is a lost tradition.  

But I digress.  Enjoy the horror movie ads, and for those interested:

Part 1 10/28/10
Part 2 10/25/12
Part 3  3/23/13

Satan's Mistress, Halloween III, The Thing, Friday the 13th Part 3, Night School, Grease, The Wrath of Khan, and The Last American Virgin  ALL AT THE LOCAL DRIVE INS!  Take me back.  I wanna go back.

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