Whatever Happened To...? #11: Actresses Who Appeared in Their Underwear in 1970s-1980s Comedies

This may be one  of the oddest "where are they now" posts out there.  But, this is what you get when you've been posting retro stuff for over five straight years - oddly specific, peculiar but intriguing posts.  Call it scraping the bottom of the well, or call it divinely inspired - it is what it is.

Admittedly, it is rather interesting to see where some of these undergarment and lingerie wearing actresses ended up.  Come see for yourself.

Susan Clark as Cherry Forever

Became the mom on Webster!

Martha Smith as Babs Jansen

Became a successful real estate agent in Los Angeles.  She can currently been seen on some episodes of Selling LA on HGTV.

Mary Louise Weller as Mandy Pepperidge

Was already an accomplished model and horse rider before her role in Animal House.  These days, she's enjoying her 3 acre spread in Malibu to raise her horses and travels to equestrian events.  Exactly what I'd expect out of the snooty Mandy Pepperidge.

Sarah Holcomb as Clorette De Pasto

Sarah was also in Caddyshack before developing a serious drug addiction and fading into obscurity.  Some say she found God; what is known is she lives a quiet life in Connecticut under a different name and does not wish to be found.  Good for her.

Betsy Russell as Jordan

After she divorced Vincent Van Patten, she got a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and married the producer of the Saw films.

Elizabeth Daily as Loryn

Became a successful voice actor, providing the voice of Tommy Pickles in Rugrats, Buttercup in The Powerpuff Girls, and even Babe the Pig.

Shelley Smith as Meredith Modess

This movie is a highly underrated horror spoof back when the National Lampoon brand meant something.... or at least it meant something that wasn't shit.  Anyway, Shelly got her Master's Degree and has been a licensed therapist in California since 1993.

Heather Thomas as Jane Mitchell

In the eighties, Heather developed a cocaine habit that would make Pablo Escobar wince.  She came out of it marrying the founder of Cocaine Anonymous.  Her next marriage was to a super wealthy Hollywood entertainment lawyer; she's now living the good life.

Dinah Manoff as Lois Cook

Before she was manhandled by Samwise Gamgee in Staying Together, Dinah had the distinction of being the first sitcom character to be shot to death on camera (Soap).  Later, she would have another deadly distinction: being the the first victim of Chucky (Child's Play).

Jenny Robertson as Millie

Married Thomas Lennon, Lieutenant Jim Dangle of Reno 911!

Toni Kalem as Pvt. Gianelli

Fans of The Sopranos will no doubt be familiar with Angie Bonpensiero, the long-suffering wife of the former boss (the one that died of cancer before Junior took over).

Joyce Heiser as Terry

Of course, it's not the underwear scene Joyce will always be remembered for.  Indeed, according to Joyce: "My life changed after Just One of the Guys. People stopped looking at my face and looked at my chest instead."  Those were boobs that will live an infamy, and she has never been able to re-center her career away from them, with just bit parts here and there.  She almost got the part of Tony Soprano's shrink, but it was not meant to be.

Susanna Hoffs as Molly Morrison

The only reason anyone rented this movie was to see Susanna of the Bangles (note that I said "rented", because nobody was stupid enough to go see this in the theater).  After The Bangles, Susanna married the director of Meet the Parents and the Austin Powers movies and lived happily ever after.

Kym Malin as the girl playing the piano

No male growing up in the eighties will forget the chick that unexpectedly has her clothes sucked off, then spewed out a chimney in Weird Science.  This was gratuitous sexual content in its purest state.  Kym went on to manage a pediatrician's office in upstate New York.

C'mon, Dinah.  He saved the Shire and has had nothing but Lembas bread for 12 months - give a Hobbit a break.


  1. Susanna Hoffs. Yep.

  2. The worst thing about the Allnighter was the LACK of Susanna Hoffs, the star of the movie. This movie was an absolute slap in the face to everyone who wanted to see her. We could have tolerated the bad acting and terrible story, but where was Susanna? She wasn't even the main character, as if anybody gave a crap about the rest of the cast. Her mother directed the movie! Inexplicable.

  3. Betsy Russell in Private School: dear god. She stole the entire movie. Phoebe Cates had nothing on her in that film. She was also completely naked in that movie and it showed everything.

    Heather Thomas - oh yeah I remember seeing posters of her way back then.

  4. Elizabeth Daily (or E.G.) was also in Pee Wee's Big Adventure and can be seen on this season of NBC's 'the Voice'

    1. She was also the lead singer of the band that performed the title song at the school dance in Better Off Dead.

  5. I remember Dinah Manoff mostly from Empty Nest with Richard Mulligan and Dreyfuss the dog.

  6. Susan Clark did not have a "goody-goody" reputation when she appeared in Porky's.he had done a lay-out for Playboy in Febuary 1973, portraying five famous Ziegfeld Follies showgirls.

    1. She also played Dr. Cleo Markham in "Colossus: The Forbin Project" opposite Eric Braeden. Wish all computer scientists looked as good as she did.

    2. Damn, she was 42 when she did Porky's!!

  7. Lord have mercy I crushed so hard on EG Daily back in the day...

  8. E.G. Daily on a 1981 PBS show, "The Righteous Apples". I'd love to get this series on DVD!

  9. From what movie is that first picture from (the one with the two guys and a bunch of girls in underwear)?
    Lol love that last picture's description.. :D

  10. Screwballs

  11. Just a few random thoughts...

    Elizabeth Daily just looked so yummy. She appeared in that notorious cult flick of the 80's, 'Valley Girl', with another hottie of the era, Deborah Foreman (wonder where she's at now?). Daily was also a pretty decent singer. You can watch her perform in the film 'Better Off Dead'. And for me, Susanna Hoffs, at the height of her fame with the Bangles, was the very definition of "drop-dead sexy". Well into her 50's now, she's still gorgeous.

  12. Kym Malin was also a Playboy centerfold. I still have the signed issue along with several others from my first job as a teenager that took me to a lot of events where Playmates did publicity appearances.

  13. I knew Sarah Holcomb at a church in CT in the 80's. Nice person, changed her life. I'm glad to hear she changed her name.

  14. Robbie Fulks has an ode to susanna "that bangle girl".

  15. Love the article, BUT Tonu Kalem played Angie Bompensiero, as you say, but she was the wife of Tony's associate Big Pussy, whom he whacked. Then she ran the body shop.

    1. Ah. Thanks for the correction. Duly noted.

  16. How could you leave out Lynda Carter in the 1st Episode of Wonder Woman flouncing along the beech in a nighty?

  17. Nice retrospective ! :)