Ads #74: Japanese Advertising (Part 3)

Can Pink Lady interest you in some light reading? Pouring through these old Japanese adverts, it's truly startling how often Pink Lady endorses products - everything from air conditioning window units to inflatable toys.  Further proof that a short skirt is the universal language of advertising.

Anyway, I've got another round of those crazy Japanese magazine ads for you today.  This is a follow up to Parts One and Two.  Enjoy.

H--------i Boy!

What looks like a crummy chocolate heart is totally escalated to greatness by this add.  A mole with a top hat, a superhero mascot, a city skyline with shooting hearts, a rainbow castle, Mt. Fuji, and tons of cool lettering..... I want this crummy chocolate heart!

Here's a chocolate ad that's not quite so persuasive.  I don't want to be attacked by tiny monkeys; this is actually quite horrifying.

Can Pink Lady interest you in an inflatable spaceship?

Can Pink Lady interest you in some cheap jewelry?

I can respect the Japanese adherence to the "sex sells" approach to advertising; it's something I've touched on in the previous posts.  I am confused why the soda label is upside down on the can.

Take it easy on the salad dressing.  Is she even paying attention?

This is the problem with doing posts on Japanese advertising - half the time I don't even know what the product is.

These vessels of liquid soap are actually pretty cool.

Lots of personal storage advertisements in these Japanese ads.  I'm guessing that has a lot to do with their cramped living conditions..... and inherent tidiness which I stereotype all Japanese people as having.

Oh, so very tidy.

I'm trying to grasp what's going on here.  It looks like the guy smoking in the director's chair is watching her read magazines by their collapsible closet.  What am I missing?

The camera angle on her left arm could've been better.  At first, it looks like a stump.... probably not the look they were going for.

WTF?  Words fail me.

Well, that's one way to advertise a glue stick.

Can Pink Lady interest you in an I-don't-know-what?

This is what full service gas stations are like in heaven.

I would so not fit in that tub.

Do you need protective headwear to operate this equipment?

The John Coltrain poster seems a tad out of place.

Note the pretty little windows and such on the Fisher Price house.... it looks so inviting.  If only these roaches knew this is the House Where Death Dwells.

Guaranteed to scare the living shit out of you each night or your money back.

So, if the Japanese don't wear shower caps their hair looks like Harpo Marx?

This is absolutely frightening.  Let me see if I have this right: you spray it on suit jackets to make females slip into a psychedelic trip of fear and ecstasy?

Can your mind even comprehend a gasoline advertisement like this in the States?  Not even in the seventies.

Are they laughing at each other's tan lines?  Whatever is going on, it can't be as weird as the next and final advert.  What in the ever-lovin' f---?


  1. Don't question, celebrate!

  2. Another good one as usual.

  3. I would so buy a vessel of liquid soap. Very cool

  4. This array of ads suggests a sort of waking dream of incredible complexity and alluring possibilities not often found in everyday reality. Thank you for the passport to this strange realm.

  5. I think the message of the last one is "Pinocchio Jesus has a bone to pick with you if you don't read the Japanese bible."

    And what the hell is the non-slip item? Non-slip rape chair?

  6. The girl in the yellow bikini -- the second one -- is apparently coated with "21F". I have no idea what that is, but I want some. I want it now.

  7. So that's what became of Pink Lady.All I remember is waiting up half the night to see their premier show on NBCwith their promise of"Cheap Trick Live"only to get pre recorded footage of their Buddakan concert!Also,I remember we had a similar wall mounted soap dispencer on our bathroom wall in the 70's.I think it's a good idea for today instead of buying a new softsoap every 5 minutes you could jst buy a larger refill bottle and have less plastic to recycle.Plus, like you said,they look cool.

  8. The advert with the inflatable spaceships I think is a promotion for UFO noodles (you see one package in the corner - known in the US as "Unidentified Frying Object" noodles). Maybe kids could collect package labels to redeem for those water toys...

  9. That Fisher Price 'House of Roach Death' is just too cool. Like the little buggers are going to notice all the nice artistic touches? And did anyone notice how the ad starts at top right, goes to bottom right then back to top left? I had almost totally forgotten that the Japanese read in this fashion: Right to left, instead of left to right in Western culture.

  10. "Take it easy on the salad dressing. Is she even paying attention?"

    Seems perfectly cromulent to me... *ashamed*

  11. I could be wrong, but I think that the character displayed in the last advert is Moses... He is surely a Jew (see the excessively long nose and the little box tied over his head containing the ten commandments).

  12. So many American celebrities do ads in Japan...we've got Wolowicz hawking candy, and Manny Pritchett selling an ice crusher.