Catalogs #34: Sears 1981 Fall/Winter Catalog Men's Fashion

The two dudes in dark leather could easily be partners in a cop show.  Screw Starsky & Hutch or Simon & Simon - I give you the new '81 police drama: Dakota & Hightower.

The Urban Cowboy thing was very big in 1981.  Model #8 appears to be experiencing some sort of discomfort.

Perma-Prest fashions - perfect for rolling up the paper and swatting the dog.

I wonder if these two realize there's a tiny little black guy listening in on their conversation.


Am I crazy, or shouldn't there be a little more bulging and a little less smooth surfaces?

Tom is feeling really awkward and vulnerable right now.  Try not to draw attention to the elephant in the room (no shirt).  Next time, maybe he'll read the memo.

Long live the epaulet.

TIL - Orlon was the first commercially available acrylic fiber.and was supposed to be a replacement for wool.  The substance was developed by DuPont in 1941 and given the mysterious title "Fiber A".

Nothing screams the early eighties like velour.

Okay, I sense another TV crime drama opportunity here.  The T-Boys are four unconventional crime fighters for hire; helping the victims of the world in the only way they know how.  But that's just a little bit more than the law will allow.

#1 - At the top left is Copper Mahoney, an ex homicide detective discharged for his "unconventional" methods.  Trade mark:  Always has a toothpick in his mouth.

#2 - Huang - his fighting style is a combination of Wushu techniques using a chain whip and rope dart. His poor English is often the butt of the final joke which ends each episode.  It's racist, but it's fun for the whole family.

#8 - Parker Bentley - a billionaire who likes to live on the razor's edge.  He funds the T-Boys and provides them with plenty of cool cars and gadgets.

#11 - The irreverent Dillon Cumberpatch.  His Achilles heel has always been the ladies; but when it comes to getting the job done, there's no one better. Catch phrase: "I should've been a _________ (doctor, lawyer, etc.)"



  1. Top left in the Terry page looks a bit like Dexter Morgan.

  2. I like how many of these 'fashions' come in "Tall", "Extra Tall", and "Big". Something makes me think "big" is a euphemism for portly.

  3. My Dad wears those short-sleeved jumpsuits. Genes being what they are, I hope they no longer make them by the time I hit old age.

  4. I recall wearing terry cloth shirts. And I remember a high school teacher wearing one of those leather blazers. Now those are called vintage - and go for big bucks online.

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  8. My wife has an eBay store and some of her best (re)sellers have been vintage leather jackets from those 1970s Sears catalogs. Amazing how the fashions of that decade are back in demand.