Comic Books #62: Dumb Bunny

"You can believe me, Dumb Bunny... even if they do say I only use my head to hang my face on!"

Wow.  When I saw this advertisement, I knew I had to find out more about this Dumb Bunny.  She's got the costume of a Playboy Bunny and a vacancy on the top floor.  This has the potential to be both politically incorrect and embarrassing to DC - I simply had to read more.

Please note that I completely understand that the Inferior Five comic books are meant as a joke - it'd be a whole other matter if they made Wonder Woman or another genuine super-heroine this stupid.  Dumb Bunny, was actually a parody of Wonder Woman and had a brief revival in the eighties as the wife of Ambush Bug.

But I've lost my non-comic readers at this point.  Let's get on with the semi-retarded blonde in the Bunny costume...

I used to think the dumbest comic character of all time was Jerry Lewis.  I mean, he was dumb in the movies, but holy jeez... he was full retard in the comic books.  Dumb Bunny makes Jerry look like Richard Feynman by comparison.

We first meet Dumb Bunny in Showcase #62 (1966).  She's immediately hit on by the Inferior Five's leader, Merryman.  He likes her outfit..... and judging by his expression - he likes it a lot.

As to the origins of said costume, here's her explanation...

You can almost hear the rim-shot with that one. Dumb Bunny has an IQ seemingly between that of Chrissy from Three's Company and Screech from Saved by the Bell.  (Screech being the absolute lowest a human can go before being removed as a member of the Animal Kingdom, and being classified instead as mineral or vegetable matter.)

So, our heroes are brought to the scene of a crime - a gumball machine has been broken into.

So, after three hours of investigation, they determine that a crime has been committed.  This is the sort of thing I'd expect to hear Patrick from Spongebob say.  So, we're talkin' that level of stupidity here.

Dumb Bunny - setting Women's Lib back fifty years.

In the next battle, Dumb Bunny has to keep her eyes closed or fall under the spell of The Sorceress....

Tricked by mentioning the Fab Four!  Fortunately, in DB's excitement, she punches The Sorceress in the face.  Battle over.

Dat ass.

It was stupid before... but now it's just awkward.  Evidently a mermaid was getting it on with Awkwardman (?) and Dumb Bunny thought he was being tortured.  Someone needs to sit down with DB and tell her about the birds and the bees.

Let's face it, when you're this stupid, it can lead to a lot of awkwardness... take it from Jethro BoDean:

Wait, what?  I swear this is real panel.  If don't believe me, check out Beverly Hillbillies #21 (1971).

Y'all come back now, y'hear?   THE END


  1. Oh the pancakes parody that could be made from this...

  2. Screech was class valedictorian, but gave that title to Jessie as a sign of goodwill, which she then returned on graduation day. He received acceptance to Duke University; Emerson College; Clemson University; University of California, Berkeley; the California Institute of Technology; Emory University, University of Southern California; Washington & Jefferson College; and Princeton University. - http://savedbythebell.wikia.com/wiki/Screech_Powers

    On the other hand, Dustin Diamond is dumb as shit...

  3. That heroine could make people turn to heroin.

  4. The panel with the mermaid, and the one immediately above it, were from an issue that parodied Marvel's X-Men. The Eggs-Men, rather than being homo superior, were evolutionary throwbacks. Seen in the "dat ass" panel were The Ape (a parody of the Beast), a throwback to, well, the apes; Levitation Lass (parody of Marvel Girl), a throwback to the days when humans could move things with their minds (well, how else did they build the pyramids?), and Dean Egghead (Professor X), a throwback to pre-verbal language, when people communicated telepathically. The mermaid was Angel Fish, the token female member of the Eggs-Men's arch-enemies, the Fraternity of Atavistic Nogoodniks (pastiche of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants).

  5. The 1999 Mystery Men movie with Ben Stiller was sort of alive action version of the Inferior Five.

  6. I hope someone can help me, I am looking for a horror comic that scared the crap out of me as a kid....I remember the kids were boarded up in their rooms and some kind of creature would come up out of the manhole covers and get them.....thanks

  7. Dumb Bunny appeared to be Angel O'Day's (from Angel and the Ape, another DC masterpiece) sister. See the Angel and the Ape v2 limited series.

  8. In the Angel and the Ape v2 series (from the early nineties, as far as I can remember), Dumb Bunny appears to be Angel O'Day's sister. With frustration. By the way, Angel and the Ape is another DC masterpiece.