Full Reads #2: Police Gazette '73

Here's a few articles from The National Police Gazette (August 1973 and May 1973).  The articles are reprinted in their entirety; many of the pictures are added by yours truly.

"Sex and the Tennis Girls"
This article can basically be boiled down to a single sentence: "Some female tennis players have sex."  It's marginally interesting only for it's awfulness.

"Where Have the Ghosts Gone?"
Disappointing anecdotes of the most non-frightening kind.  Another article made enjoyable by its sheer badness.

"The Secret World of Erotic Fantasy"
This article claims to be a "valuable document" - "the first ever produced by a magazine".  Hmm.  Judge for yourself.  IMHO, if this is a valuable document, then Penthouse Letters should receive the Pulitzer. 


AMERICA'S big sport sex turn-on have been those Raquel Welches of the tennis courts. But don't start envy. ing them too much. let us tell you the sad story of Sex and the Singles Girl. "Sex is a fine way to get rid of the nerves and tensions that build up before a big game," says one well known 26-year-.old American star. "You just have to be smart enough not to overdo it." 

Women athletes' appetite for such adventure is understandable. "Not only do sporting women enjoy all the sensual pleasures and respond actively to the lightest caress," reports Dr. Christine Pickard in World Sports, the magazine of the Olympic Association, "but they actually need more physical contact than other types." 

There, alas, is the rub.  In America, the booming, all women tennis tours are making life particularly difficult for some of the stars. Judy Tegart Dalton, who won over $25,000 last year, hasn't seen her husband (a doctor in Australia) since last January. 

"I knew the circuit life was going to be hard," she admits. "But 1 never guessed it was going to be as hard as this." For 34-year-old Judy the strain was too much. Recently, after ten years of tennis stardom, she quit international tennis for good. 

"The pressures on some girls are just too much, and perhaps they kick over the traces with a fella," she said. "But I couldn't live that way myself. "

Men in the game have a traditional reputation as great lovers. "There were tennis groupies," boasts one veteran Wimbledon Juan, "before the Rolling Stones were even thought of." 

Are some of the girls on the international scene now simply becoming new courtesans? "When you have a large group of women," says a tennis sponsor, "you're going to find all types - from nuns to nymphomaniacs." 

Quote of the Year
Twenty minutes before her big match at Queen's Club in London, a player walked into the dressing room glowing with confidence. She had, she purred, come straight from her lover's bed. She won in two straight sets. 

The famous Texan, Nancy Richer Gunter, who last year earned only a few thousand dollars less than Billie Jean King's record of more than $100,000, doesn't pull her punches when she talks about the international scene. "I've been a loner just because of the way some girls behave," she says. "I didn't want to associate with them, I didn't want to be close friends with them." 

Some of the younger stars insist that the near-thirty Mrs. Gunter is talking about another generation. Professional, dedicated and driven on by the swelling prizes, many of the tennis starlets insist they have no time for romance. Windy Overton, the cool and rising blonde from Florida, says: "At this moment in my life tennis comes before anything. I can be married for the rest of my life but this is the only time I'll ever have the chance to make a go of tennis." 

Leslie Hunt, the 21-year-old Australian hope, keeps a firm grip on her private emotions, saving her energies for the game. "I make it very clear that I'm a shifting agent," she says. "As long as everybody understands that, then nobody is going to get hurt." 

sound medical advice
One young player started taking a birth- control pill simply to ease menstrual pain which had caused her to lose tournaments last year. Her doctor told her: "Now you're on the pill you might find it helpful to take a lover before you play. It'll help you relax." 

Not all the girls are convinced that's right. ''I know some girls who say they can't play without having sex before a game," says Judy Dalton. "Others say it's impossible to play after it!" But the company of men is not always to satisfy upset sexual appetite. "Maybe a player is upset about losing a game and it's nice just to have a man to dry your tears," says Judy Dalton. 



SEEN any good ghosts lately? If you have and you're a ghost lover, get your dope down on paper and send it in to an organization specializing in supernatural research, because there's a plan afoot to make a world dossier of ghosts. This will include; of course, many of the famous old favorites but few new ones. 

Modern ghosts are in short supply for people are not reporting them as zealously as in grandpa's day. That's a pity, for there's nothing more exciting than a story of a new ghost. So should you encounter a ghost, tell the Society for Psychical Research about it, They're in London, England. But be sure it 'a a ghost - not something else! 

For instance, a lonely suburban road outside a big city got a sinister reputation because men walking home alone at night had their hats torn from their heads by a black form with gleaming eyes which swooped down with an eerie cry and then swished off into the darkness This went on for several months in 1927. Finally, a cop was posted at the scene one night. 

It was cloudy, eerie. The cop was getting jumpy when - swish! - something sent his hat spinning into the darkness, a ghostly scream rang in his ears, and a rush of air fanned his face. He hurried back to the station. Twenty minutes later he was back with his sergeant. A long wait - then swish! - the sergeant's hat fell into the road to the accompaniment of a strange scream. At that moment the moon came out and revealed the retreating shape of a great tawny owl. Early next day a search at a nearby tree revealed over two dozen men's felt hats in the grass, tattered and torn. That was the end of that "ghost mystery" and people who like to see ghost stories end this way are quick to point out that old buildings lend themselves to such phenomena. Door-posts slightly askew, creaking woodwork and other structural faults can cause strange happenings by quite natural means, they say. 

But it's not so easy to explain this story of the queer little old lady in the tight-fitting bodice and flowing skirt who caused much speculation in a New England village in 1916. Villagers said she was a ghost, but no ordinary ghost. She had "gone dry," for she had suddenly forsaken the village pub for the village church. 

One night the organist went into the dark church to fetch some music. "As I crept quietly down the nave,'' he said, "I saw her suddenly appear, glide quickly round a pillar and vanish behind the organ. There was no moon at the time, and I'm convinced it was no optical illusion. No one else, I made sure, was in the church." 

After a few more "appearances," she vanished completely, but villagers still talk about her and expect her to show up some dark and brooding night. 

Then there's the mystery of the weeping woman, which was tracked down by an army officer. Calling one stormy evening on a relation in an old mansion, he was shown into a long room where a bright fire blazed. He thought he was alone, but suddenly saw a woman in a long dress and broad-brimmed hat seated near the fire. She began to sob bitterly. When he asked if he could help her, she walked slowly from the room, passing through heavy curtains and vanishing. Later his relation said that the children sometimes heard the sound of crying in that room. 

Years later the officer met a previous owner of the mansion and asked him about it. "A woman who once lived there," he answered, "left the house and her husband on a stormy winter night for another man. She never came back, but her ghost does. She obviously regretted her elopement, for she is always weeping." 

An up-to-date ghost story that hit the headlines some months ago concerned an old Southern cottage. So violent, indeed, was the haunting that the family split up every night to sleep in other houses. Rushing noises, jangling pots in the kitchen, clanging noises from a bedroom - all these were nightly occurrences. They remain a mystery. 

A New York motorist vouches for the story of how, late at night, he drove into an upstate village on the outskirts of which was a butcher's shop,. brilliantly lighted and well stocked. "The butcher was leaning against the refrigerator, and I wondered why the shop would be open so long after closing time when the rest of the village was in bed," the motorist said. "The incident passed from my mind, but next morning at the motel I asked the proprietor why the shop was open so late. " He looked scared," the motorist said. "He told me that the shop had been empty for over a year. The last owner, a butcher, had risked all his meager savings in the venture and not a single customer had crossed the threshold. ''At the end of a fortnight, he cut his throat and was found dead, slumped against the refrigerator." 



It's a secret part of all our lives - the world of erotic fantasies. Male or female, married or single, young or old, we all hove them, whether we admit it or not. They come with puberty, grow with adolescence and stay with us most of our lives, almost to the grave. Says the consultant psychiatrist who assisted in our research: "The man or woman who doesn't think of sex several times a day is pretty well non-existent!" 

Are there any hidden dangers in the fantasies conjured up while the wife vacuums the living room carpet or does the weekly wash? Or the torrid daydreams of the husband as he gazes idly at a passing shapely beauty. In 99 cases out of 100, No. According to medical. experts, fantasizing is normal everyday part of life. The only real danger is that in the odd case people may fail to understand that their daydreaming is commonplace, and build up a consuming guilt complex. Men and women all over the country have spoken to us frankly about this fantasy world. The result is a valuable social document - the first ever produced by a magazine - which goes a long way towards helping us understand ourselves. 

CASEBOOK No. l. An electrical engineer of 32, living in St. Louis, Mo, married six years with two children, a boy of four and a baby girl of 18 months: 

"I do sometimes indulge in fantasies," he said. "Usually when I'm driving alone in my car, or soaking in a hot bath. I expect all men do and women, too for that matter. "The sort of fantasy you dream up depends, I believe, on the experiences you have had in real life. Or, more often, the experiences you secretly wish you'd had. "My favorite fantasy is that I'm driving and the car breaks down. It's in the middle of nowhere, usually on a dark, rain-swept night.

"In the distance I see a farmhouse with its lights beckoning me. I stumble across field s, falling in ditches. until I'm absolutely covered in mud and soaked to the skin. 

"When I get to the farm , the farmer's wife - a plump, jolly woman of about 35 - welcomes me in and sets her two daughters to filling up a huge old -fashioned tin bath in the kitchen. The sort of bath you see in Western films. "The farmer is never there, of course. I never even think of him. 

"Then the farmer's wife insists on bathing me. I 'm all embarrassed because her daughters are there watching - one is about 19 and the other younger but she insists. Then it all sort of develops from there. But the farmer's wife never actually takes any real part herself. She knows I'm half embarrassed and half excited by the bath routine. hut she just smiles knowingly." 

Would he act out his fantasy if given the chance? ''I'd like to think I would," he said. "But if I'm truthful I'd probably run a mile. 

"I was certainly quite experienced when I got married, but I'd never done anything out of the ordinary. Not that I'm ashamed of having a favorite fantasy. I've even discussed it with my wife. and she admits to having some fantasies of her own, But she'll never say exactly what they are." 

The psychiatrist commented : ''This man has adopted a sensible and balanced attitude to his own particular fantasy "Like most people. he wouldn't actually do what he imagines himself doing. But he says straight forwardly that he gets pleasure from his day-dreaming (which most people do) and far from feeling guilty about it, he has even discussed it with his wife. 

''The essence of many fantasies is that they embrace something exciting ... something taboo or frowned on by society.Thus the man interviewed is willing to admit two young girls - sisters - into his fantasy world. But curiously he draws the line at their mother being anything more than an onlooker. His fantasy is quite harmless." 

Compulsion was an important ingredient of many male fantasies. The more successful and dominant a man is in his business and home life, the more he may secretly imagine himself being dominated. Out of the 20 men interviewed. 12 admitted to fantasies about girls who worked with them. The pretty secretary ... the clerk swapping ribald chat with the men on the factory floor . . . the oh-so cool woman executive. 

We have chosen one of the 12 as CASEBOOK No. 2. He is a single man of 26, and working in a large Boston clothing factory. "I'm not what you could call inexperienced." he said. " I never had any real fantasies - well, not since school days anyway - until I started work at the factory· "Then I started hearing stories about the women and the new apprentices. 

''Apparently any guy gets jumped on when they see him for the first time. The girls de-bag him and daub him with oil or dye as a sort of initiation ceremony. That set me thinking. Now I have a regular daydream in which I'm the victim. 

"The only difference is that when they initiate me one of them (a pretty blonde I've seen around: it's always her) is so impressed that she whispers to me. 'I'll meet you afterwards in the storeroom.' 

"She's waiting for me, sure enough, and she grabs me and pulls me behind some bales of cloth. Then we make love. She tells all her friends, one by one, and I end up with a harem of them. 'The joke is that I've never taken out a girl from work. To be truthful, they're rather terrifying - always going round in groups.  It's easier to get involved with a girl at a dance or a discotheque. After all, they go there to meet fellows just the same as men go there to meet girls." 

The psychiatrist commented; "There you are - compulsion again. Women taking the dominant role and behaving scandalously. Secretly, this young man is rather afraid of girls. Particularly girls who can hold their own in the battle of the sexes. He imagines himself as a great lover. and sees his prowess overcoming the girls' dominance so that they become his slave. I'm willing to bet that in reality he is shy, almost timid, and any girl will have to treat him gently and meet him more than half way . 

Of the 20 men interviewed, 15 - a heartening number. according to the psychiatrist - shared their fantasy world with their wives or girl friends, or at least told them about it. One married for six years explained: "Janet, my wife, and I joke about it."

Casebook No. 6. An office manager aged 41 from Pittsburgh . A married man with sons of l6 and 12. He told us: ''My pet daydream involved two girls who thumb a lift in my car when I'm travelling alone. "The girls are always the same. about 20 years old, one blonde and the other brunette. "One gets in beside me on the front seat and as we are :driving along she leans over and starts to caress me.  Her friend. in the back seat, gets very jealous and insists that I stop the car. I drive into a cornfield and make love .. 

"What makes it even more exciting in my fantasy is that the traffic is going past only a few yards away. In the end the girls say thank you and go off to hitch another lift with another man. I've never told anyone about this before. My wife would think I was going mad or turning into some sort of sex maniac. In any case, I wouldn't want. to hurt her. She was the first person I ever went to bed with and I've always been completely faithful to her. She just wouldn't understand at all." 

The psychiatrist commented: "'This is a particularly common sort of fantasy with three basic ingredients. "First, there are two girls. The permissive society angle again. Second. the girls take the initiative and almost force themselves on the· man because. in his fantasy, he is so desirable. And third, they immediately go off in search of another male partner. somehow absolving him of any blame in their seduction. In this way, the man is subconsciously get rid of guilt. 'He needs to do so because, as he says, he feels guilty about fantasizing in the first place and couldn't bring himself to tell his wife about it. .. 

It is really rather sad and shows a lack of communication in the marriage. It is interesting that the man has known only his wife physically. Clearly, his subconscious is making up for something he feels he has missed in life.  I notice that he doesn't say whether he would contemplate acting out his fantasy if the chance arose. I hope it never does because he will be overcome by guilt and remorse afterwards. Not dangerous, this daydream, but rather sad.'' 

Male fantasies, we found, fall in three distinct categories - domination by women, or seduction by women, or seduction of a girl who is unwilling at the outset. Of all the men interviewed, none had any fantasies based on rape. 


Casebook No. I. A 28-year-old receptionist, married six years with one child living in Birmingham. "I'm very much in love with my husband," she told us. "And we have a very good life together. Ordinary, and a bit in-the-rut, but very good. I have several fantasies, but the most regular one is when I am a stripper. '

'I'm appearing at a sort of stag show and all the men are young and handsome. There aren't any women there, of course. 'I have to take my clothes off very slowly and then, when I'm completely nude, I have to keep walking round in the audience. 

"The rules of the game are that I can select 12 men who are allowed to fondle me - but I must choose 12 and they aren't allowed to refuse. I can see the ones who are the most eager - it's very obvious - but I ignore them and choose the shy ones. I'm very brazen. It's ridiculous, really. I mean I hardly ever undress in front of my husband." 

Would she act out her fantasy if given the chance? "Good heavens, no. Fantasies are only exciting when there's no chance of them coming true," she said. "I'd be terribly embarrassed." 

The psychiatrist commented: "This girl won't be popular with the Women's Lib people. She secretly sees herself, and presumably all women, as a sex symbol. Something to be admired, and petted, by men - but with very strict rules. They can look, those she chooses can touch, but not hing more. She likes the feeling of compulsion. She must do this in her fantasy. But really she's in charge. A bit of a tease, this girl.

Casebook No.2. A woman of 33, married for 13 years with three children, living in Fort Worth. "I'm afraid my fantasy is very ordinary," she said. "When my husband and I make love, I think of Paul Newman, or sometimes Steve McQueen. "Usually, I see us in some exotic tropical setting, with a hot sun beating down on the sand and palm trees waving. 'We swim in the sea, drink champagne and lie in the sun. Then Paul (or Steve) leans over, starts caressing me and whispers: 'We always knew it would end like this, didn't we?' 

"I've told my husband about it. I had to, because one night I shouted out, 'Paul, Paul' and he switched the light on and started cross-examining me. When I explained, he laughed and told me he often thought of Marilyn Monroe. (I don't know if it's true, or whether he just said it to make me feel better.) 

"Would I act it out if the chance arose? You bet I would. But it won't ever happen, of course." 

The psychiatrist commented: "This woman has a fantasy shared by millions of women all over the world - and millions of men, too. Imagining a screen sex symbol as their lover and substituting glamorous surroundings for the rather more humdrum and familiar bedroom. It's a way of escaping from reality and having a lover without any of the attendant risks or complications. 

''The point I find interesting is that her husband switched on the light to question her. Presumably their habit is to make love in the dark - perhaps at her suggestion because it helps her create the Paul Newman fantasy."

Casebook No. 3. A secretary of 22, unmarried and sharing an apartment with two other girls in Los Angeles. ''I've had fantasies since I was at school," she said. "And they are pretty well always the same. "I'm alone in a house and perhaps having a bath. At any rate, I'm always either undressed or in just a housecoat. 

"A man comes to the front door. Sometimes it's the window cleaner and sometimes a door-to-door salesman. The funny thing is that he's never young or handsome - quite the opposite, in fact. " He sees me dripping wet and wrapped in a bath towel, or that I'm not wearing anything under my negligee, and pushes his way inside the hall and locks t he door. 

"'Don't bother to scream.' he says. 'No one will hear you. I've been watching you and waiting for this chance. Just lie back and enjoy it. ' I kick and scratch, but he doesn't seem to feel any pain. And after a while I do begin to enjoy it. Afterwards, the man just says goodbye and leaves. 

"Nothing like this has ever happened to me in real life. In fact, I'm still a virgin. My fiance agrees that sex before marriage is wrong." 

The psychiatrist commented: "Rape is a common denominator in 12 out of the 20 women's case books in your research - in contrast to the male casebooks detailed previously. Rape did not figure in any male fantasies and the difference in the sexes is very significant.  It bears out my own experience that rape looms in the female subconscious - with a part-horrific, part -exciting fascination. 

"This girl may secretly want something horribly exciting to happen to her, to put her one up on her two roommates. And she may secretly resent the fact that her fiance isn't so overwhelmed by her physical charms that he occasionally forgets his moral scruples about premarital sex." 

"Exhibitionism loomed larger in women's fantasies than in men's erotic daydreaming. Casebook No. 4, a 25-year·old Milwaukee housewife, fantasized about making love with her 'husband on a beach, with holiday-makers passing by: "My husband is dreadfully embarrassed. The people going past are all tut-tut-ting, but they can't resist looking back at us." 

Casebook No. 5, a Baltimore wife of 29, married 10 years with two children, fantasized about meeting a stranger in the back row of a movie house and making love while people around pretended not to notice. The psychiatrist commented: "The two women in Casebooks 4 and 5 probably are very staid in real life, get a kick out of daydreaming about doing something really scandalous. 

"It shows an underlying urge towards exhibitionism. but always within very definite rules. For the wife in the movie house the audience must pretend not to see. On no account must she be embarrassed by discovery. The woman on the beach imagines people glimpsing what's happening - but not obviously standing and watching.'' 

Casebook No. 6, a confidential secretary of 24, unmarried and living in Miami with her parents, confessed to a football fantasy. "I don't know whether I dare tell you. You'll think I'm sex-mad. 

"I'm not, I can assure you. In fact, I'm not in the least promiscuous. There's only one man in my life and we can't get married because he's married already. He's a former football player, and we often go to games together. In my fantasy I'm asked to present a cup to his team. But the official in charge takes me into the dressing rooms too soon and the whole team are still in the showers. 

"They all get out of the hot water and line up to shake hands with me, naked. When I get to my boyfriend he grabs me round the waist and says, 'Surely I get more than a handshake?' The rest of the team all jostle round and egg us on, and in the end I agree to make love with him. When it's all over I just give them a cool look and walk out to wait for him in the car. 

"If it really happened, I don't know how I'd react. The first part might be exciting, but I'm not sure about the rest . They're all friends of ours, and they wouldn't have any respect for me. Like most men, they're always talking and joking about sex. I expect they'd run a mile if it really happened. 

The psychiatrist said: "Fantasies are a safety valve. If we stifled our imagination instead of enjoying it (within reasonable bounds) our mental hospitals would soon be bursting at the seams. It would be interesting to know how fantasies have changed over the years. In Victorian times, for instance, the sight of a shapely ankle was thought terribly exciting. But nowadays, when nudity is commonplace, the fantasy has to be extended further and further to keep it from being overtaken by reality.'' 

Do you have a particular fantasy? Write and describe the details. We'll have our noted psychiatrist :analyze and give his comments in forthcoming issues. Just sign your letters with initials, full names will not be published. 




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