Just for Laughs #9: Return of the Monster Party

Back by popular demand... well actually, back for no reason other than I was in the mood.  But anyway - here's another round of silly horror humor.  Enjoy!


  1. Horror for "no reason" is just fine with me.I was feeling pretty sour about how Halloween was whisked out of most stores in my area by October 25th.(Wal Mart even earlier) and Christmas commercials flooding the tube on November 1st at 12:01 A.M.Even Thanksgiving seems overlooked except for one Redbull commercial.Nothing against Christmas,but I need time to settle into different Holiday moods.Scary stuff,however is welcome in my home year round.

  2. "My Zipper" AAAhahahahahha! That's classic..........

  3. Awesome, funny post! Thanks for the laughs and the memories.

    "So he can afford a maid but he couldn't find the cash to me plant in the earth? The cheap S.O.B."

    "The moment I realized that being a Manbot isn't so bad was when I saw that the poor guy next door had the head of a fly. Spends half the day hanging on his front door screen."

    "Sorry, you guys can go home now, the casting for Luminar has already been made."

    "Don't be so skeptical young lady, it's an amazing machine, beats me at checkers 3 out of 4 times."

    "It bothers you that I'm bi-racial doesn't it?" "No actually that's not what's bothering me."

    "Someday there will be a show on TV called The X Files and later American Horror Story and The Walking Dead and this scene will look even more pathetic than it already does."

    "OK before you covered her mouth I definitely heard her say The Affordable Health Care Act screwed me big time. All right health care czar start talking."

    "I admit the shower has a little mold in it but all in all not a bad deal for the price."

    "OK you have the peeking through the key hole posture down pretty good. Next I want you to get in the face of Silence of the Lambs guy and tell him that F.B.I. girl is a little slut."

    "Time for 'lighting technician' to find out what happens when you drop the candles."

    "Spin the magic wheel again and this time make it clear when you say 'I wish that you' it doesn't sound like 'I wish statue'."

  4. Love the one from "Theater Of Blood"...lol funny sh*t dude..

  5. This is AWESOME! Thanks for the chuckles!

  6. "Don't deny it Boris before you covered her mouth I heard her say there would be a perv section, where's the damn perv section Boris, where's the perv section?"