Miniskirt Monday #169 : Partridge Family Miniskirts

When I broke out Seasons 1-4 of The Partridge Family, I expected to compile a bunch of screen captures of Laurie Partridge and quickly put together a Miniskirt Monday post. But it was not meant to be.  Laurie (Susan Dey) rarely wore a mini, despite the fact that 1970-72 was prime-time for TV miniskirts.  For whatever reason, Laurie appeared primarily in slacks and long, long dresses. The Diane Keaton of family television.

This wasn't just disappointing, it was surprising.  Susan was a model before she was a Partridge; it just doesn't add up.  Thankfully, there were enough mini skirts beyond Laurie that I was still able to put together this post.

Keith's groupies were always a fine source of miniskirts; however, a bit on the young side..... okay, a lot on the young side. Let's move on...

The first season saw Mama Partridge in a mini (barely above the knee) every so often, but nothing to write home about.

Looks like the same boots as the previous pic, but different dress.  Almost a Ms. Partridge upskirt - a prospect that for some reason troubles me.  Same goes for any Ms. Brady upskirts - too much of a childhood maternal figure. No thanks.

Keith and girlfriend.  The director obviously had a man's eye, because the camera dwells on her backside (quite lecherously) as she walks off...

Gratuitous mini shot.

A scene set at the high school dance yields one miniskirt after another.  A brief scene, but one of the most densely packed with minis in TV history.  And speaking of lecherous direction...

The camera spends a bit too long on a rather sheer miniskirt before panning out to the dance floor.  Hey - it was the seventies. TV shows back then were quite commonly guilty of leering. Nowadays, shows are so polished that it would be edited out.

Laurie Partridge wears an extremely short pleated mini whilst playing tennis.  And again the director demonstrates his fondness for the back side of a miniskirt...

The director(s) of The Partridge Family was definitely an ass man.  You can almost hear the heavy breathing behind the lens.

One of the few bittersweet moments of Laurie in a miniskirt.  This was the first season - sadly, it was not a sign of good things to come.  The bell-bottomed slacks would soon make a permanent return.  Here's a few more miniskirt moments courtesy Laurie Partridge...

In the episode "A Day of Honesty", Danny enters Laurie's room and, for a brief moment, it looks as if she's got her feet propped against a wall with miniskirt pulled up... but it was not meant to be.

False alarm.

No, if you want to see miniskirts on this show, you'll have to look beyond Laurie Partridge.  Laurie is just going to let you down.  The Partridge Family has the distinction of having two of three Charlie's Angels on the show before they were famous.  Here's Jaclyn Smith.

And who can forget Farrah's brief appearance.  Reuben and Danny want to trick Col. Potter from M*A*S*H* to expose him for insurance fraud.  They enlist the help of a young Farrah coming out of a grocery store.

Danny Bonaducci can't keep his eyes off of Farrah's goods. The conversation goes on a bit, but Bonaducci's gaze never wavers.

Whoops.  I'm as guilty as Danny.  I forget to show the actual miniskirt.  Here it is (above).  Sorry, I was, a bit distracted.  Apologies.

A particularly nice miniskirt moment on The Partridge Family is in the episode "They Shoot Managers Don't They?" where Reuben falls for a chick in a dynamite yellow mini.  She's played by Nancy Malone who would become the vice president of 20th Century Fox just six years after this episode.

The scene where Reuben and Nancy twirl in an open field (the most generic seventies love scene ever) provides a pervert's eye view of Nancy's undergarments.  A devilish eyeful for family programming.

Yes, Reuben was a sly devil, and as fond of the mini as you and I.  His flight attendant girlfriend provided some much needed miniskirt action.  You may recognize this gal as the same young lass as Jerry's girl in a Bob Newhart episode covered a few years back.  She obviously has a thing for goofy but successful guys.

Reuben was quite the playboy.  Check out his bachelor pad.

One peculiarity of almost every show from this period was that the female extras were almost without exception wearing miniskirts.  Perhaps to the untrained eye, this isn't self evident.  However, to a globally recognized expert on the subject, this is a statement of fact.  Whether it was Columbo, The Bob Newhart Show, Adam-12 or The Partridge Family, the anonymous female passers-by are ALWAYS in a mini.

Are you paying attention?

Like bird watching, you have to always be on the lookout when watching a show from the early seventies. You never know when an unexpected miniskirt may pop up.  It could be lurking in the background (above), or it could be right in your face as in this next scene.... one for the Ages...

Indeed, I've saved the best for last.  One of the greatest miniskirt moments ever - not just on The Partridge Family, but any TV show. Not just for its inherent awesomeness, but also for its unexpectedness, this scene wins a plaque in the Miniskirt Hall of Fame.

Keith is getting tired of the groupies always on his jock at school, so he decides to go incognito.  While at the school library, Keith literally runs into a miniskirt (with a garter?).  It's totally insane, but I'm not complaining.


  1. No "flight attendants" yet in the early seventies. Reuben's girlfriend is a proud stewardess from the "groovy age of travel" which would soon be coming to an end.

  2. Please, don't apologise for those shots of Laurie Partridge exercising, they're worth it on their own.

    Laurie compounded the problem of her wardrobe by wearing what could have been a minidress over flared trousers. It's either one or the other, Laurie, not both. And Diane Keaton has her miniskirt moments in "Play It Again Sam".

  3. "Laurie appeared primarily in slacks and long, long dresses," yes we kids watched the PF hunting for such examples you've provided. It was pretty rare but more fruitful than the hunt for Peggy Lipton In A Mini when we trawled "The Mod Squad".

  4. I distinctly recall an episode where Laurie and Shirley are wearing matching hot pants as a tryout for stage costumes...couldn't tell you which episode as it's been 20 years since I saw it.

  5. missed the days of pantyhose and miniskirts.

    1. You're sooooooo right !

    2. I too miss those days.. did anyone else like it when their girl had wardrobe malfunctions to the delight of other men ?... Take pictures of their wife in similar poses?

  6. Greatest post in the history of Retrospace!

  7. There's no lingering in TV now because every show is edited so fast that there's no time for lingering. Even when showing bikinis or something, they cut away so fast your brain barely registers that it saw some skin.

  8. Too bad you didn't linger longer on the groupies. There were some good ones. The Asian with purple sailer outfit and groovy flowered binder/folder. Plus, the minis seem shorter on those particular groupies than the other girls.

  9. As was pointed out in the comments to the Bob Newhart Show post, Reuben's stewardess girlfriend was played by Elaine Giftos.

  10. There was a very sad reason why Laurie Partridge wound up in slacks so often, one made painfully obvious in the fourth shot of your Laurie-mini-montage - she was suffering from anorexia and quite literally wasting away. Her legs barely look capable of supporting her weight. Thankfully she survived and recovered.