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'Tis the season to spend lots of money, so why not spend a few bucks at the Retrospace Zazzle store?  In a sad materialistic grab for cash, I've decided to sell some customized products.  Your purchase helps this site keep on truckin', plus you get a kick ass gift - it's a win-win!

I'm selling only two types of products: calendars and mousepads.  Each have that special Retrospace flair.  If you enjoy the images on this site, you'll enjoy these items.

There's just a handful of selections up at the moment.  But, I'm adding stuff each day.  So, if there's nothing that jumps out at you today, be sure to check back and see what new retro goodness is lining the shelves tomorrow!

Here's the link to the Retrospace store: http://www.zazzle.com/retrospace

Happy Spending!

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  1. Now if you had the Hep Cat gel mouse pad, I'd get that.