Retrospace Sharity #2: True Crime Maganines

Long before CSI and the motherload of "true" crime television that's popped up over the last decade or so, there were true crime magazines to satisfy a nation's craving for stories of murder, revenge and justice.

Herein are a handful of those true crime magazines, scanned and posted for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy!

Revealing Detective 1942

True Detective 1952

Master Detective 1955

Women in Crime 1948

True Police Cases 1954

Complete Detective Cases 1947

Front Page Detective 1955

Please note that not all of these magazines were scanned by yours truly. Also, if you're feeling particularly generous, please drop some change in the ole tip jar to keep this train runnin'.  Thanks!


  1. Thank you - Retrospace is a great blog! 1000thanks for all the "interesting things" you share with us! Regards from Germany!

  2. Mental note--any woman with a cigarette holder is a jezebel.

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  4. "A red- headed woman is an arm full of trouble!" Yup. I found that out the hard way.

  5. The cover of master detective 1955:
    Man: "Honey can you help me my back went out and my foot is stuck in this rock and this big wave just hit me and is about to pull me under."
    Woman: "Oh, can't you do it yourself? I'm carrying this heavy beach towel".