The Horshack Redemption #2: Piranha (1978)

Our second episode is now available, and we're reviewing the 1978 film, Piranha.  I think it turned out great, but we've still got a long way to go before everything's the way we want it to be.  We still get tongue tied during the first 15 minutes or so, lots of "ums" and less than stellar audio quality.... but it's still early in the game and I think the positive aspects outweigh the negative.   If you even get half the enjoyment from listening to it that we did recording it, it's a success in my book.

Also, I was amazed at how many people tuned in to the first episode - way beyond my expectations. Thank you to every one who gave us a try - here's to many more!

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  1. Another excellent podcast! I loved this movie as a kid and now, after listening to you guys, I need to go back and rewatch it.

  2. Another great podcast, indeed. Loved listening to you two talk about this 70s classic. Makes me want to go watch now. One thing: Would it be possible to list what movie you are going to talk about ahead of time? That way those who want to could go and watch it and have it fresh in our minds when we listen to you two debate the highs and lows. Just a thought. Keep 'em comin'!

    1. That's an excellent idea; however, I'm not quite sure how to do that just yet. Maybe we can stick it on the website(?)

      Anyway, our next film is going to be Airport '75. It's not on Netflix instant, but they do have the physical disc or you can watch it on Amazon for $2.99