The Horshack Redemption #3: Airport '75

Gilligan and The Professor take a long hard look at the disaster film Aiprort 1975.   Heston is even more macho and hammy than Shatner (if that's even possible), Karen Black seems lost and mildly retarded... and pop culture connections abound, from The Jeffersons to Webster, from The Karate Kid to The Omen, there's a lot to take in, folks.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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  2. I love your work. Are you for hire? Want to write for anorak.co.uk? Best wishes, Paul. [email protected]

    1. Thanks, Anorak. Just sent you an email. Not sure you'd want a fella like me writing for a fine establishment like Anorak. Thanks for the kind words - much appreciated!

  3. Wonderful podcast. Very professional ! I believe the gimmick of someone sleeping through the whole disaster is taken from the 50s airline disaster movie "The High and Mighty" with John Wayne, where a boy sleeps through the whole thing. Also "Zero Hour" is a must see for any "Airplane" fan.